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August 5, 2006

still setting up zee server

it was a royal pain getting movable type up... but like everything computer related... you want to shoot yourself for not seeing the error (ie, it's usually one line in the configuration file, or one semi-colon in a program). so... if anyone wants to setup MT on their own host (if you run your own i suggest creating a vitual host in apache), make sure you setup ExecCGI+ for your MT directory in your httpd.conf. for you windows server users... i don't use IIS so i can't help you there, but it'd probably be similar.

i think i might need to take some more steps to get just the general traffic running the way i want. unfortunately my dsl connection only has 128kbps upstream... so any ftp user downloads will use up that bandwidth, and if anyone's accessing this blog, that bandwidth will also come from that 128kbps upstream number. i'd kind of rather had an equal upstream/downstream rate, or dynamic adjustments which shift on usage (cause i have 768kbps downstream)... but no one offers that to personal users even with cable modems. so... i've decided to cap the bandwidth of my ftp server so that this site doesn't load like it's stuck in the prodigy (yeah remember them?) days speed-wise. it'd be nice if i had the money to buy a nice router with qos traffic shaping... but that's not happening. someone's already tried to hack into the system... i looked @ the log (or should it be blog?) files and they were tried a dictionary attack... nothing was compromised though, and so i decided to lock the system down a bit tighter. i'm pretty psyched about this new project though... as it will help me keep some of the stuff i've picked up in the past. over the last 3 years i've felt myself slipping a bit tech-wise, and it'd be a shame to lose everything. gotta keep an edge just in case... who knows when it'll come in handy in the future?

so... once i stablize the server (it might take some time as i figure out a good balance... may have to unload some services to another system)... i'll be making some design adjustments to this blog too. i've got the default install to my photo album application up. nothing's in there yet, but you can get there from here. so don't get too comfortable with this just yet... there may be some more surprises around "the corner".

other things that are going on... i'm getting baptized next sunday, and you're welcome to come if you would like. it's @ the 11am service in the chapel ( hmmm... oh... i'm making one last weekend trip to nyc before school starts (literally... i start school on the following day after i return aug 28th). i'd also like to add, that i love jetblue. i gave my notice to work that i won't be coming back after august. i've got too much to do this fall semester, and the job that i would take would be a TA or GA position on-campus. it's a bit sad... i just passed my 1 year anniversary recently. it's been fun, and it's nice having some extra cash, but i really need to get this research off the ground so i can start and finish my thesis. lots of other things i've been storing up to talk about in the news... but i think it's a little too late to break out now. i'm tired, and tomorrow's the low show.

hope everyone has great weekends. let me know if you run into any problems with the site, mail me or im/msn me i'll be configuring a mail server too when i get a chance... so or similar may appear in the near future. thanks for bearing with me (us).

December 10, 2009

hi there blog

long time.

i was just reading over this article on cnet from yesterday and couldn't believe it's been 10 years since i switched over from a finance intern to one of the tech interns at an internet start-up. that was a crazy time, seemed like every day there was a new ipo, and people would just become millionaires in the course of a day from their stock options. i was pretty psyched for redhat and va linux. i thought linux was gonna take over... but the way it's played out to today isn't how i imagined it. lots of businesses use linux these days, but desktop linux is still a niche market for ueber geeks it seems... despite the fact that it's free and open-source and all. it is getting better though, thanks to the likes of companies like ubuntu. who knows, with the growth of google's android, lots of people will be running on linux and won't realize their running on one of the most powerful operating systems in the world.

January 5, 2010

nexus one

happy new year.

google's new phone running on the android open source platform just released today. only the gsm models are available to purchase now, but a cdma model for verizon and sprint will be out soon.

it looks quite nice.

April 9, 2010

remember lycos?

i was recently looking over a proxy form for the annual shareholders meeting of a company i own shares in. one of the things to be voted on is the "new" board of directors. as i was reading through the candidates profiles, i noticed that one of them had helped launch/grow lycos back in the day. do you remember that search engine? it's actually still around. after some digging, some of the old headlines of the deals that were struck during the dot-com boom came back. remember the hotbot search engine? lycos owns it. how about the web-hosting providers tripod and angelfire? both owned by lycos. they were the actually first search engine to go public with an ipo in 1996. on june 29 1996 lycos only had a market cap (the public's valuation of the company = share price * shares outstanding) of around $150 million. back in 1999, lycos became the MOST visited site in the WORLD! in 2000 lycos was purchased and folded into a subsidiary of terra networks for $13 billion. pretty crazy right? the competition was fierce back then with lots of entrants trying to battle each other. in addition to lycos, there was also and independent hotbot, infoseek, alta vista, excite, and yahoo. yahoo eventually became the dominant one of the group after some time battling, but google ended up challenging and usurping them. i seem to recall using alta vista a lot for my searches at the time, but yahoo has pretty much stayed my main portal for everything else to this day (though google is slowly taking over with all their web apps).

every once in awhile i like to look back at some of these headlines since they say that history always repeats itself. well, a couple years after that bubble burst, we had another one in the real estate market. while in both cases the boom-bust cycle (at the time as well as historically) were driven by greed, i would have to argue that the one in the late 90s was a more productive cycle. it was more like the industrial revolution except with electronic information. as i've said before, many of the ideas and innovations of the period were really ahead of their time. a lot of the companies just ran out of vc funding before they could turn a profit. meanwhile looking at the housing boom, i don't see all that much advancement of information as a result of constructing more buildings and houses. sure there is a spin off component to the generation of wealth through housing, but there's not really a direct advancement of ideas.

so i'll close with some questions i'd be interested in hearing about from you. what were the search engines you used back in the day, and when did you really start using the interwebs daily? what are some of the other sites you liked to visit or remember that aren't around today?

happy weekend.

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