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August 18, 2006

woo! weekend.

got back into the lab this week with a vengeance. the change in my grant was approved 2 weeks ago, and my materials finally arrived early this week. been wrapping up stuff @ work, handing things i won't or might not be able to finish off to people. my last day at the company is next friday... then i'll be off to nyc one last time this summer. school starts the following monday. it'd be kinda nice for summer to be extended. i know come october i'll be buried in work, and i'll want to go hide in a corner somewhere.

so... next week seems to be a big week.. doing a mini prep on tue to send in dna for sequencing, sloan on thur, last day @ job on friday... and a meeting of sorts which still needs to be scheduled that could lighten my course load for fall. so with the whole sloan thing... thought i'd repost info from the always musically hip christielli. you can listen to sloan's new single from their upcoming release here.

sloan will also be part of the kickoff for buffalo old home week. it's kind of an exciting concept. here's a short dealie on the organizer of the event Marti Gorman. i hope this turns out to be big, and that it grows every year. it's strange how you can go pretty much anywhere and find some person who used to live in buffalo. they all get together in the bills bars in their respective cities to watch bills games during football season (and i guess last year during the sabres run, sabres games were big too). it's like an instant connection, and when you get to talking to them... many of them wouldn't mind moving back if only there were more jobs available in this region. i've posted before... but there really is a lot of movement downtown. things are starting to happen which have not happened in years... maybe even decades. large real estate transactions are going down. buildings are being revitalized, and an urban core is gradually being recreated again. the statler towers deal just changed hands this week. the old a&ma's building downtown is finally being converted. if i only had some capital... i'd like to buy up an old victorian downtown and fix it up. it's amazing what you can get on the cheap right now, once neighborhoods start coming back up... the deals won't be as good.

racism and bigotry really disappoint me. i can't even start to say how much it upsets me when things like this happen... not just to asians... but everyone. i would like to point out that defendants were driving a TOYOTA. wtf? "get out of our country but leave your superior cars!"

here's another brilliant video example provided by one of our elected officials from the wasp-y conservative bastion of virginia. the story as reported by the washington post is here. the moveon petition is here to ask the republican national committee to stop funding this douche bag is here.

so... how do we deal with this issue of race in this country? we'll reproduce! like russell peters had said... in the future... everyone will be brown... cause there's just gonna be mixing going on.

i don't care what anyone says... i'm never gonna stop going to nathan's @ coney island for a hot dog. we're all gonna die anyways... and if having a tasty hot dog will do me in sooner... i'd rather enjoy that frickin hot dog and die sooner.

this is for my peeps with a link to the UK, specifically wales.

that's all i got. happy weekend!

October 14, 2006

would you like some power with that?

we got walloped with snow on thursday. for those out of the loop... here's an article. record snowfall for october... it started when i got out of my lab on thursday... and i had just posted the entry below... and a few hours after... we just got dumped on. trees went down... bringing along the powerlines with them. my house just got power restored to it an hour ago... it was a little over 48 hours with no power. it was a surreal experience... cause it's so weird to have a snow storm knock buffalo down for the count.

here's a pic.

October 17, 2006

damage control

i went into my lab yesterday and took some pics of the damage. i was hoping to get some more pics of the villages of williamsville and snyder, however electrical crews were out canvassing the areas, and the trees laying on the street did not offer me a good place to park and walk around.

"and you're getting too old to be cared for... by me, and for that matter, this cake is baked but i much prefer the batter. perhaps in part because it had so much potential, to be delicious and still be influential. i'm undecided." - fading into obscurity, sloan

November 13, 2006

A Buffalonian in Hell

A Buffalonian friend passed this on to me...

A guy from Buffalo dies and is sent to Hell. He had been a wicked, horrible man his entire life. The devil puts him to work breaking up rocks with a sledgehammer. To make it worse, he cranks up the temperature and the humidity.

After a couple of days, the devil checks in on his victim to see if he is suffering adequately. The devil is aghast to see that the Buffalonian is happily swinging his hammer and whistling a happy tune. The devil walks up to him and says, "I don't understand this. I've turned the heat way up, it's humid, you're crushing rocks... why are you so happy?"

The Buffalonian looks at the devil with a big smile and replies, "This is great! It reminds me of August in Buffalo. Hot, humid... a good place to work. It reminds me of home. This is fantastic!"

The devil, extremely perplexed, walks away to ponder the Buffalonian's remarks. Then he decides to drop the temperature, send down a driving rain and torrential wind. Soon, Hell is a wet, muddy
mess. Walking in mud up to his knees with rain blowing into his eyes, the Buffalonian is happily slogging through the mud pushing a wheelbarrow full of crushed rocks. Again, the devil asks how he can be happy in such conditions.

The Buffalonian replies, "This is great! Just like April in Buffalo. It reminds me of working out in the yard with Spring planting!"

The devil is now completely baffled but more determined to make the Buffalonian suffer. He makes the temperature plummet. Suddenly Hell is blanketed in snow and ice. Confident that this will surely make the Buffalonian unhappy, the devil checks in on him. He is again aghast at what he sees. The Buffalonian is dancing, singing, and twirling his sledgehammer as he cavorts in glee.

"How can you be so happy? Don't you know it's 40 below zero?!" screams the devil.

Jumping up and down, the Buffalonian throws a snowball at the devil and yells--

"Hell's frozen over! This means the Bills won the Super Bowl!"

July 19, 2008

buffalo in the news

garden walk on yahoo travel.

November 23, 2008

the buffalo paradox

you'd think that the people of buffalo would learn their lesson after all these years. there have been so many instances when hopes have been dashed, promises have been unkept, and it would have been expected that all would have just given up on our fair city, never to believe in it again. however... we always wake up the next day with the faintest glimmer of hope that it will be a better day one way or another. maybe that's what i like about this city... it's a mentality that you can't understand unless you've lived here. it's about people going about their everyday lives knowing that everything is pretty much crumbling around you, but you don't give a damn and your gonna do your thing anyways. sure we can get bitter and complain, after all if you look through our history in the last half a century it has all seemed to go downhill with very few positives coming out. obviously over these decades our national face has come mostly through our sports teams. the bills losing championship after championship after championship.... uhhhh... after championship in the 90s. the sabres coming oh so close in the conference and cup finals so many times. anyways, this year that started out so promising for both teams (each going out and winning games like we haven't seen in some time) seems to have gone wrong. the bills have lost 4 straight (minus the win from today which would have really turned off a lot of people since kansas city has only 1 win this season). the sabres are in a slump of their own with 5 in a row so far. despite our 2 professional teams getting kicked around recently... ub the team that 3 years ago was rated the worst team in ncaa division 1a college football, won the mac east division... and are gonna not only play for the mac championship, but are going to their first bowl game ever. mind you... this isn't a bcs bowl or anything... or even a tier 2 or 3 bowl as they seem to be handing out bowl games to almost everyone these last couple years... but it's a bowl game nonetheless.

in other buffalo news... the nytimes had a story about buffalo's architecture recently. also... 2 stories about the unusual position of buffalo in being a border city and how new businesses from canada have impacted the area. labatt usa's headquarters may be moved out of buffalo after the sale of anheuser-busch to inbev depending on who picks up labatt usa. also the site of one of my favorite ice cream places, sweet jenny's (which closed down recently due to a non-renewal of a lease) will become a coffee culture. i will have to see if it's any good... though i'll miss sweet jenny's for sure. on the plus side, the new burchfield penney art center moved over and opened in their new building.

i am also hoping that with the election of obama there might be some positive developments in some infrastructure improvements for older cities like buffalo through fdr type new deal projects as his economic team tries to get us out of a prolonged recession and economic contraction. fdr's new deal projects included the build-out of our national interstate system and other public works type projects. with a metro area like buffalo-niagara falls that still has around a million people living in it... we can drastically improve our public infrastructure, cut our dependence on oil, and help improve our environment by building out and expanding our public transportation system. there are times when i like driving and having a car around, but i think the system we have right now is not used to it's full potential because it is too small. the metro rail doesn't go anywhere really. for most people they still depend on a car to drive to a park and ride lot and then take the train a few short miles to get downtown. buffalo being an old industrial center with plenty of railroad rights of ways can fix up and re-lay some tracks to expand the commuter rail system. a reason this could work is that the population has really spread beyond the city into the surrounding areas, and i think if a system can be built out, people will use it as the price of gas continues to increase and/or the recession becomes a prolonged depression. the citizens regional transit corporation has developed different lines over the past couple of years, to expand the use of a light rail system within buffalo and niagara falls. this could be an opportune time to implement their plans. in addition, i think it'd be really cool to ride take a train and get off at a station named shredded wheat (of course located at what used to be nabisco's old site in niagara falls).

anyhow, that is it for now. maybe i'll get a chance to write something else up in the next couple days and start this thing up again.

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