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wednesday (maybe thursday) funny

this is something i like about the daily show. i would think most people would agree that the political leanings regarding the subject matter and viewpoints are left leaning. however the show itself will make fun of people no matter what their affiliation. when they have guests on with views that may not be in line with those of the hosts, production staff, and viewers, there is usually a lively debate without the yelling, attacking, blanket statements and intimidation found on other network's shows. anyways, this is a recent piece poking fun of our president.

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punishment by lactic acid build up. really cracked me up.

i've been pretty good lately about not looking at the comment section of news articles recently... but the habit is so hard to break. especially when i read an article where i know i'll come across the most ridiculous comments. i found this gem today from a i'm guessing republican/tea party leaning person.

This is what has happened since the Democrats took over: the highest unemployment rate in decades, no private sector job growth, $1.5 TRILLION annual deficits, worst oil spill ever, $500 BILLION soon to be cut from our seniors healthcare, while the rest of us wait in long lines for a 5-minute check up.

PLEASE have Obama campaign for fellow Democrats on his failed agenda, including his government takeover of health care, his trillion dollar decifits, his failed stimulus, his mishandling of the economy ,and his pathetic response to the oil spill.

nothing happens in a vacuum. i guess the person forgot the previous 8 years where a supposed "conservative" held the top government spot in our country we entered into a period where our unemployment rate increased. seriously, did the person even bother to think WHY the current unemployment rate is so freaking high? it's not like we woke up one day to find unemployment at 10% the day president obama took over.

i don't know why this person is also complaining about deficit spending. over the past 30 years, we've had 3 republican presidents, and 2 democrats. the first of the "conservatives" had a whole macroeconomic thought process named after him with reaganomics. every single year one of the conservatives was in office, the US has had an increasing federal deficit. when clinton was in office, he was the first president to actually reduce the annual deficit in years with surpluses coming in during his last 4 years in office. with regards to president obama, give the man some damn time already! people have such unrealistic expectations of him, he's only in his 2nd year!

i have an issue with the commenter's statement where they complain about no private sector job growth. uhhhh, if you've been paying any attention at all... the financial sector shed thousands of jobs losing pretty much all of it's independent investment banks save one. one of the largest insurers collapsed, two of the biggest retail banks were flailing around. the auto industry continued to lose thousands of jobs. these are PRIVATE SECTOR jobs. yet... i'll bet anything that this individual was bitching and moaning when federal loans were given to these firms so they could keep on EMPLOYING people. while not completely out of the woods yet, those firms are on more stable footing currently and the government is divesting their interest in those companies by selling off its shares. in the end, the government will be at the very least breaking even if not making money through those loans that were given out. private sector job creation never comes during a recession and downturn. we were in a recession, having the private sector shrink wasn't a big surprise. obviously jobs saved aren't the same as jobs created... but if the alternative were to come true and the entire US financial and auto sector collapsed we'd be hoping for saved jobs rather than created jobs.

the oil spill is also not completely on the president either. the national attitude for a number of years now was to increase offshore drilling. senator obama was one of the many congress persons at the time, that cut across party lines to vote in favor of increasing the amount of drilling done. now i don't know what this person was saying or thinking at the time gas prices were sky high, but i know many people who were complaining about the cost of filling their cars up. additionally we know that with more drilling, there's a greater chance that some disaster will happen. no process is perfect, eventually something bad WILL happen. i'm not in any way giving a free pass to bp, cause recent information has found that they were pretty lax in their oversight. however, this comes down to a government oversight issue. if we can't trust private companies to do the right things, we need to government to step in. however if people like the ones in the tea party, are all about getting rid of government agencies, how is industry going to be regulated for safety? i don't necessarily have a problem with this individuals complaint about the oil disaster per say, but the burden is on more than the one person this commentor is implicating. additionally if this individual has ever complained about the price of oil in the last decade, and especially if they were pro offshore drilling... i would think that they do not have a valid complaint.

last thing that made absolutely no sense to me. the deficits as they pertain to healthcare spending. this person's complaining about a $500 billion cut to senior's healthcare? what in the what? senior's healthcare is covered fully by the federal government's medicare program. in the previous sentence they complain about a $1.5 trillion deficit. well if we cut out medicare, i'm pretty sure we can shave some money off the deficit. however i don't think this person is arguing for those medicare cuts. it's just so frustrating to me when people completely negate their argument with a contradicting statement showing they have no grasp of the issues at hand. on top of that the person's complaining about long lines for 5 minute checkups. HELLO!? we have a privately run health system. you can choose your primary care provider. you can change your pcp if you're not satisfied. i've been in offices with long wait times, i've been in offices where i'm seen with minimal waiting. just change your freaking doctor! how hard is that? the argument for a private health system in the current marketplace will shorten office visits more. if doctors are motivated by profits and revenues, they will want to see more patients to increase both. everything else about operating a primary care practice is pretty much a fixed cost. the more people a doctor sees the smaller the average fixed cost becomes. why would a provider not want to shorten office visits?

well, enough ranting. hope you have a good last 2 days of the work week.

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www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=514500505 [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Argh, I hate when I can't watch your DS clips 'cuz I'm Canadian. I have to go to another site to find it! Grr.

That other clip was funny though. :)

-jason- [TypeKey Profile Page]:

yeah, sorry. you'd think that the proximity between our countries we'd be able to access content on the interwebs without a problem. i'll try including a link accessible from canada next time.

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