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census, oil, political matrix

the census it being conducted in the US at present. i remember when i was younger and learned about it in school, i was pretty impressed that people would go out and into the neighborhoods to get an accurate count of everyone, though these days it seems to be getting more dangerous. i don't know if it was just my impression but it seemed like civics and government participation was stressed from an early age in my social studies classes. hearing about how voter turnout has been pretty bad ever since i've been able to vote, i worry if kids these days are getting even less of the information that allows them to evaluate and back a position through logical reasoning? why is my generation so apathetic when it comes to politics? i love to vote. i always look forward to election day. no doubt it comes partially from some of my strong opinions on certain issues, but sometimes i wonder what it would take for me NOT to have those opinions? i can't really see how i would be able to not feel one way or another on social issues, or the environment, the economy, health care, gun control etc. anyways back to the census, i remember learning how important it was in elementary school. it allowed the government to correctly allocate resources, and representatives to the house. with each census that goes by though, i always feel a little sad since new york state keeps losing population and thus house members to southern and western states. i was recently thinking though, i know a little bit about how our system works... but i don't really know all that much about other countries. i would think that most countries would have a census to allocate resources. how often is your country's census conducted, and how is it conducted? are there problems with getting responses from people?

this whole oil fiasco is just an upsetting situation. a lot of harm will be done to the environment from different species of animals dying, to a means of living. coastlines will be damaged and those beachfront locales that count on tourism will be hurt economically. a part of me really doesn't want the federal gov't to help those states that had elected officials who supported increasing offshore drilling. sure it's possible that these oil companies could have brought increased revenues in, and i'm sure people weighed the pros and cons... but i would think normally people can't resist the temptation of going for the least costly (at the time), as in lower taxes option. all it really takes is one catastrophic accident to take the benefits away. i don't know if there's a better way to learn lessons than to go through some form of pain. we saw it with the great depression. people who lived through that period were forever changed, as are people who live through oppressive regimes then make it to an open society. sometimes i feel like we have it too easy. a part of me does kind of wish our little recession went a little deeper. it would've been interesting to watch the foundations of our markets collapse. how long would it have taken for us to recover if citi, boa, and aig didn't get any help? what about fannie and freddie mac? or chrysler and gm? i'm certain we'd learn a thing or two about how we should be more responsible. as it stands, i think the jury's still out on whether that has occurred. back to the oil spill though, i'm not a fan of hypocrites, and in this case i'm talking about current louisiana governor bobby jindal. back in 2006 when he was a congressman he supported the lifting of the moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling over the continental shelf of the US. the house passed the bill in 2008. this increase of offshore drilling is also what prompted palin's "drill baby, drill" slogan. jindal was also one of those gop governors who opposed federal stimulus money because he believed the role of the federal government was too big. well as this oil spill has shown, he's now asking the federal government to help out louisiana. i know a lot of conservatives and gop members believe in the role of personal responsibility, as in a person should take the good together with the bad concerning their decisions. well, you voted to increase drilling, you got what you wished for. so now, instead of trying to use the resources available to you as governor to fix the problem, you ask for federal help? what happened to decreasing your dependence on federal funds? not so smart now are you? this isn't to say that mistakes can't happen. there is always a chance for error, but you shouldn't say or do one thing, then do the complete opposite of what you were championing. this doesn't take president obama off the hook either. he came out in support of increasing offshore drilling. how we're left with millions of barrels of unused oil, and who knows how much money worth of irrevocable environmental damage and unrecoverable water/land ecosystems? was it worth it to get at that crude oil just so we can pay cheap prices for electricity and gas? obviously i can't answer that for everyone, but in my opinion i don't think it was. what do you think?

i (re)found this website that i thought was interesting. i'm not sure if i've posted this in a prior entry, but if you haven't taken it before it classifies and summarizes your individual economic and social stances. i took it again, i think my scores were a little different from the last time, though i don't recall my scores exactly from the prior time. what're your scores?


Economic score: -2.58
Social score: -4.17

Your score pegs you as economically center-leftist and socially moderately libertarian.

Economic center-leftists typically support above average controls on free trade, raising or maintaining the current tax levels, but still support free trade.

Moderate social libertarians generally favor a hands-off approach to social legislation. They may believe that the government has no right to enforce morals, but may support certain controls on individual rights to avoid crime, drug use, or similar social ills.

i feel like there was something else i was gonna write about, but it's escaped me. in the meantime, florence sent me this awesome link, though i'm still not sure how i feel about the ipad.

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I completely agree that the oil spill is very upsetting.

In Canada, they mail out the census, then come to your door if you don't send it back. Do they only come to the door in the US?

B [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Yes, voting is hot! We are determining the course of history.

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