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playoff beard

there is one thing about the playoffs that i've never been able to fully participate in, the growth of a good playoff beard. i'm one of those asians that would need a good half year to grow "enough" facial hair for a laughable playoff beard. that would mean i would have needed to start growing one in december, and well the sabres weren't a lock to get in at that time. so instead i figured i could have a virtual one. i have noticed that my facial hair has been growing at a faster rate after i passed my mid-twenties. instead of having to slice up my face every 3-4 days, it's down to every 1 or 2. maybe in the next ten years, i'll be able to fully participate in the full playoff experience before i hit my 40s. i think the best i can do now in real life for the playoffs is to go for a laughable mustache. the whole chin and cheek growth is way splotchy, unbalanced, and ridiculous looking. so anyways, i'm requesting permission to use this as my playoff beard for 2010.

the opening the organization made for the playoffs this year is a lot more aggressive than the one 3 years ago with the goo goo dolls. they went with an orchestra score with no lyrics. i'm liking the change.

i wasn't sure if we'd come out aggressive, we've had really bad starts and first periods throughout the season. plus it's been awhile since we've played the bruins in the postseason. the three teams we've face most in the playoffs are philly (8 series), boston (this is our 8th meeting), and montreal (7 series). i was sort of hoping to draw philly in the first round cause i knew it'd be entertaining from the start, and we've done well against them. with boston and montreal most of those battles came in the 80s and early 90s, so i figured it'd take two games or so to get interesting. well, i was wrong thanks to lucic and chara, that big oaf.

the first party in the plaza had really nice weather, not sure if i like the tent for this year though. it's nice if it's raining, but it won't/doesn't accommadate all the people who show up. it might be a mess for the 2nd game cause the weather won't be good.

anywho, should be a fun day coming up. it'd be more fun if we send the bruins back with a 2-0 series lead. gotta sleep soon, 1pm game tomorrow. gonna watch it with some friends, probably grab some fantastic subs from wegmans! everyone have good weekends! GO SABRES!

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B [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Your playoff beard submission has been accepted. Good drawing and nice post, I'm psyched for the Sabres after reading that

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