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kip drordy

this week's south park episode was hilarious. it's about facebook and also has a funny bit with chat roulette. totally dug the take on tron and jim cramer's mad money as well. probably the best sequence though was one with kyle, stan, and kyle's farm.

if you haven't checked it out yet, have 25 minutes free and want a good laugh, check it out here. or if those links don't work, you can check it out on the official south park studios site. the episode is titled, 'you have 0 friends'.

something i found interesting is how quickly things spread these days. kip drordy almost has 50,000 friends as of midnight friday april 9th 2010.

even though south park is still a cartoon, it's really good at poking fun of society and how we interact with each other. in fact, i think it's gotten better over the years as it's worked in more current events like the "updated" tiger woods video game.

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Florence [TypeKey Profile Page]:

did you get sucked in when trying to delete your facebook account?

-jason- [TypeKey Profile Page]:

no, that didn't happen to me. =)

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