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some links i've been saving up mixed in with recent stuff.

first i want to say that i do enjoy huckabee's appearances on the daily show with jon stewart, even though his positions differ from mine. when he's on the show, they usually have a healthy but civil debate, not dissimilar to most conservatives that go on the daily show. there are times when jon will interrupt, but it's done in a respectful manner (though i may be biased on that point). however when conservative christians start talking about certain issues where they become the moral judge of others, it really annoys me and i thinkit gives christians and christianity a bad image. it gets under my skin when people come out and make statements that dismiss gay marriage without understanding or even bother getting to know or listen to people on the otherside. as a christian, i know that i don't have all the answers, thus i should not be going out condemning other people for who they are. as a human, i really have no right to tell two people who love each other whether or not they have the right to get married. it really has no bearing on me, nor does it affect my life at all if two gay or lesbian persons in a committed relationship choose to marry each other. actually, whether or not they are in a committed relationship also really has no impact on me either. there are plenty of heterosexual couples who marry and then divorce, and though it may affect their offspring, i cannot say that it directly impacts my own life either. i truly believe that people who are gay, lesbian, bi, or transgendered don't have a choice. it's not something you can turn on and off, it's just how humans are made. every single day there are millions of biochemical processes going on in a human body. there are tens of thousands of genes activating different proteins. who knows how much of the untranslated region of dna actually plays a role in the cascading and switching on and off of other events which may be related to hormones. for those people who are heterosexual, you just know that you like people of the opposite sex. can you explain it? i certainly can't. why is it so unbelievable for people to find people of the same sex attractive? i also don't understand his position against adoption for same-sex couples. an effective parent is an effective parent. one can be a good parent whether they are gay or straight. if two parents are better than one, why would it be any different in these cases?

something else that confuses me concerning conservative christians are those who refuse to fund or impede teaching sex-ed. sometimes i forget how rural and conservative parts of wisconsin are. while the state generally trends to liberals and dems during elections thanks to cities like madison and milwaukee, it's still pretty conservative out in the sticks. it's been shown over and over, abstinence only education does not work. you can't expect people to abide by it. conservatives and republicans are all about individual rights, blah blah stop the feds from taxing me and taking my income, states rights and all that other stuff that they constantly preach. why don't they arm people with tools and information? i don't see how giving a person more information and more tools could hurt them when they decide whether or not to have sexual relations with another person? in a free market, you need information to make the best choices. stop going against your own beliefs.

shape wars. this is just brilliant. i can't really say anything more about it.

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they found a garbage patch in the atlantic to go with the one they found in the pacific recently. it's amazing to me that plastics really weren't used by the masses until about 60 years ago. i'm just thinking of all the crap we throw away these days, and it really horrifies me to think how much bigger these patches will be in another 60 years if we don't find some effective solutions now. an interesting development i found out about recently is that sun chips designed and is now using a compostable bag for their chips.

it's a good start to contributing to sustainable packaging, though there's a slight problem currently as the bag has to be composted. if it's thrown in a landfill, it will not degrade. i'm sure they or whomever developed it may have patents for the technology. to make composting worthwhile like recycling, there needs to be a critical mass of people who demand something of that nature. it would be great if all companies were to use these types of bags making it easier to separate them out from trash in refuse processing facilities. local governments with the ability to compost would be able to then use the broken down material for their parks systems or find other uses for nutrient rich compost soil. there are some municipalities which already compost, and by using this process for composting, we can use up less space for waste, and contribute to the re-greening of our environment.

i found this rather interesting. it's a list of books that people have the most issues with in terms of content. i just can't believe catcher in the rye, the color purple, to kill a mocking bird, and the chocolate war still get complaints. those books have been around forever, and to this day they still top the list. i was saying to my t.c. how i was really surprised that a clockwork orange was not on the list. in my opinion, that book has way more material that may be of an objectionable nature to some people. seriously though, those books were probably ground breaking and shocking when they first came out. do the same people just keep calling in complaints about them to this day? have they even read the books and tried to understand the context and what the author was trying to get the reader to see and understand?

well this turned out to be a long post. if you're still reading i commend you. here's 1000 bonus points. the sabres open up the first round tonight against the bruins. after a 3 year absence, playoff hockey is back for buffalo fans! there's nothing quite like spring time hockey. it's game time soon, so i'll wrap this up. enjoy your fridays! LET'S GO BUFF-A-LO

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1) I agree with you completely on same-sex marriage and funding for sex ed.

2) I didn't know there was now an Atlantic garbage patch. I teach my students about the one in the Pacific, and it always affects them a lot.

3) I agree with you about Jon Stewart.

4) The Sun Chips bag is pretty cool. It'd be interesting to bury some and see *if* they actually do compost.

5) Good luck in the playoffs. Maybe next year for the Leafs, maybe next year. That's what we say every year here.

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