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earth day and wth, fishing on tax day!?

happy earth day! despite the recent sad events with the oil rig off the coast of louisiana sinking and missing workers adding to the coal mine tragedy a little while ago in west virginia. it seems like i always come back to thinking about how our consumption habits move technology forward, but how our increased consumption also produces a whole lot more waste and pollution. it's an endless cycle that will keep spinning out of control until we all die (i know, very optimistic of me). was browsing around and this article with 7 little known ecological threats caught my attention. some of the things on it we all know are bad, but there were some others on it that i either didn't really think of, or never thought of. we all know the deal with mobile phones and batteries, and some may have an understanding with biofuels as well. i've never really thought of concrete, pets, and public parks though. however, now that they've been mentioned it does make sense that they can be quite detrimental to the environment in some ways. pets and public parks though i would think most people would give passes to, as the life cycle for both can certainly outlive any electronic gadget. additionally people (can) have an emotional attachment to each, which isn't the case for concrete (well at least i would think most people wouldn't).

i have thought about the environmental impact of the interwebs before, but it's possibly only because i grew up in a region where there's a relative abundance of hydro-power. when i was an intern for two firms in nyc, i had the opportunity to get inside of a couple data centers. one was an investment bank running their own data center down in the financial district, the other was a center which hosted other firm's servers. in both cases a person would be met by racks of computers stacked on top of each other, cables running all over the place, and cold temperatures. who knows what the electric bill was each day to keep the computers and monitors, hubs, switches, routers, modems, printers, lighting, and air conditioning. if i had to guess though, i figured the electric bill wasn't cheap... especially since they were also located on manhattan. seeing as how buffalo-niagara's been trying to reinvent itself for the last few decades as all it's industrial work has moved south, i've always felt that data centers could be a viable sector for the area with the main draw being cheap hydro-power from the falls. another benefit would be that because of the natural geologic formation of the falls in between two great lakes, it may be less detrimental to the ecosystem than if it were built in a place that depended on controlling the flow of a river as the regional source for agriculture and living as in the case of the colorado river.

on top of the benefits that the geologic environment affords western new york and southern ontario, there is also a big fat pipe of fiber-optic lines that connect america and canada running throughout the region. with the colder winters, cooling costs for data centers would also be lower. there have been inroads by some companies that have decided to locate data centers in the area, specifically citibank, hsbc, and yahoo. if new york state can reform its business development, government and get its act together, there could be future growth in this sector.

this next video was from the tea party protesters on tax day. i have no problem paying taxes for services the government provides, but like most people i do my best to find places where my tax burden can be decreased. if i can take a credit or deduction, i am sure going to do it. there are certain instances where taxes can get confusing, but i would think for the majority of people they're pretty straight forward. i wonder how they are in other countries? beside the gst and pst what are taxes like in canada? are your forms easy to fill out or confusing? anyways, this video is just... wow.

i wonder if these tea party people ever watch or listen to themselves speak? they never have any solutions whatsoever, and the only thing that comes out of their mouths are incoherent fox news talking points. the stuff that comes out from the commentators on fox news are a jumbled mess to begin with, but after being processed by the general population, and hearing their interpretation it just gets absolutely ridiculous. do these sheeple check any of their "facts"? it's pointless to debate with these people, how do you debate with morons? how were they even able to complete their taxes without noticing the tax credits? how do they expect to keep the illegal immigrants out without a governmental agency named customs and border protection under the larger agency named homeland security? nevermind the fact that this country was built by immigration and immigrants, there are just holes in everything these people are supposedly mad about. it would be absolutely wonderful if at his next public speech, obama were to just collect a bunch of these videos and play them for the nation. that would hopefully be enough for people to get behind what he is trying to do just based on the fact that the opposition is clearly supported by a bunch of imbeciles.

my favorite part of the whole video... banning fishing in america? really lady? wtf? where did THAT one come from?

the final thing i'd like to add is that the tea party has some really crappy musicians. no wonder they're so pissed off, i'd be pissed too if i had to listen to that, cause what the hell is that thing? it doesn't even sound like anything!

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I've read about that study about the impacts of pets on the environment, and there have been criticisms. According to the carbon footprint site that I make my kids use (the url is escapinjg me), my cat only produces something like 0.25 tonnes of CO2 per year, which is a small fraction of my overall footprint.

Interesting article and happy earth day!

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