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all $ort$ of awfulne$$ (this is what people listen to now?)

i was catching up on some snl a little while ago and watched this train wreck.

the "singing" is whiny, the lyrics don't make much sense, the choreography... if you can even call it that... is non-existent, the make-up, props, and costumes are a mess (what's up with the lasers? was she giving a nod to dr. evil?). i couldn't figure out a connection with the american flag. what exactly does a song about brushing teeth with jack have anything to do with america? i suppose her lyrics reflecting a consumerist-instant-gratification culture might have a connection with this country. i'm pretty sure she did not mean for the song to have such a deep meaning though. what's up with the glow in the dark face paint? stage presence is not her strong suit. the astronauts did not add anything to the first song. in the second one, the stage looked barren for a fast paced song. i felt bad for ryan phillippe. in both his intros, he looked resigned to the fact that the viewers would have to endure a really bad 5 minutes.

i started an entry about the buffalo & buffalo ex-pats biannual day of mourning. it's a little old now but the long and short of it is every year for as long as i can remember, there were always 2 days that most people associated with the city of buffalo are down. the first being when the bills are out of the playoff hunt (as in they have no chance of making the playoffs cause they're too incompetent to get in... a decade of futility), and the day the sabres get kicked out of the playoffs. the sabres lost to a boston team that was too physical. the power play was horrible, the penalty kill was bad, and the veteran players on offense were non-factors. my letters didn't work at all, in fact most of them ended up with the exact opposite result. satan ended up with the game/series winner. out of all the teams left in the east, i guess i'm throwing my support behind the underdog habs (sorry leafs fans, but you have to be impressed by their series against the caps though).

there's oh so many news articles i've saved up and want to do posts about (apple, bailouts, health care, building preservation), but i don't want each of my entries to turn into a tome. so i'm picking the oil disaster out in the gulf (mexico, not persian). while i understand our current energy and transportation infrastructure depend a large amount on oil, i don't think sarah palin's "drill baby, drill" plan is a good idea. the more we drill, the greater the chance we have of producing future disasters like this one. since we don't seem to be in a hurry to change over to an alternate source of energy, development of those substitutes are also slower. additionally we can only guess at how much oil is left that we are able to tap into. what happens if we don't have the next source in a long term usable form when we run out of oil? the damage could be great if the economies of the world all stopped functioning. i won't argue that at present oil is relatively cheap in terms of monetary costs to purchase for consumers compared to other sources, however as with all things there are other indirect costs associated which people don't always think about some of which lead to the prior ones i listed above. often we look for the simple solution, drill more, but that in itself has consequences. as with everything, we just have to realize that things aren't simple, you can't just get rid of federal agencies tea party people, we really need to work harder to find better solutions that are viable in the long term.

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LOL about your thoughts on Kesha. I refuse to put the $ in. It's so stupid.

Florence [TypeKey Profile Page]:

i was driving and listening to the radio with a friend yesterday. some greek station played that tik tok song.

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