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wegmans on the office

the recent episode of the office featured some wegmans soda in the break room! it isn't the first time that wegmans has been on the office. for those of you who have never heard of wegmans, it's just the best supermarket in all the land. better than whole foods, better than trader joes. stop in if you're ever in western or central new york, western pennsylvania, northern or southern new jersey, or northern maryland and virginia.

one of the songs that's been on heavy rotation in my queue is i'll fight by wilco. much like coax me by sloan, it's one of those songs where something very specific is able to capture my attention to really elevate it to another level for me. with coax me, it's always been the two guitar lines playing off each other. with i'll fight it's the organ that my ears really focus on. it adds a richness, albeit in very brief bursts.

i'm pretty excited for these olympic games. vancouver should be a great host city, i'm glad i get to watch some canadians do their thing. north america is so dominated by the US, and i find that many people have no idea what goes on up in the canadia. for this reason, i'm so glad i grew up in buffalo... living in a border city gives one an interesting perspective. my musical tastes were shaped by some good canadian radio back in the day, and i am very greatful for that. additionally, trips up to toronto are quick and easy, and it's always been fun heading up there and exploring. of course i can't forget going up for some weekend hockey tournaments. my team always lost to those burlington, on teams we played... but really... you can't expect us americans to one up those canadian kids on their turf (ice). while i've been through most of eastern canada... one day soon, i hope to make a trek out west and ski banff and check out vancouver.

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