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grimace and childhood nursery rhymes

i saw this brilliant shirt on shirt woot the other day, and it made me laugh. i went and got a shirt.

does anyone know what a grimace is? i never really questioned it when i was little, but whoever came up with the thing had to have been pretty lazy, or crazy, or both. it's just a purple blob raindrop thingy, with eyes and eyebrows, and a mouth, and stubby arms and big feet. what the hell is it supposed to be? is it purple because it's sick from a diet consisting of 100% mcdonald's products? since it has a pear-shaped body, does it mean it is less prone to diabetes 2 and other weight related disorders than its apple-shaped relatives? and why doesn't it put some pants on already? what the f man? it doesn't even look like anything.

this reminded me of one of my favorite ricky gervais clips as some nursery rhymes also don't make any sense.

i am looking forward to the game tomorrow. one of my friends flew back to vancouver for the weekend. they'll be doing some celebrating come sunday if team canada wins. i on the other hand am hoping ryan miller stymies crosby, heatley, thornton, and co. speaking of crosby... i was thinking about team canada's roster, and how they have half the lineup of crosby, stills, nash, and young... or two-thirds of the lineup of crosby, stills, and nash.

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I love that Tshirt! Grimace is a fascinating creature.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about McNuggets because of the plethora of McD's commercials during the Olympics. Do you remember the one commercial from the 80s where they were at the Olympics and were jump into their own sauces?

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