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i was just reading over this article on cnet from yesterday and couldn't believe it's been 10 years since i switched over from a finance intern to one of the tech interns at an internet start-up. that was a crazy time, seemed like every day there was a new ipo, and people would just become millionaires in the course of a day from their stock options. i was pretty psyched for redhat and va linux. i thought linux was gonna take over... but the way it's played out to today isn't how i imagined it. lots of businesses use linux these days, but desktop linux is still a niche market for ueber geeks it seems... despite the fact that it's free and open-source and all. it is getting better though, thanks to the likes of companies like ubuntu. who knows, with the growth of google's android, lots of people will be running on linux and won't realize their running on one of the most powerful operating systems in the world.

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Not to mention the hordes of people running MacOS who are running Linux (FreeBSD) without knowing it. The revolution will arrive quietly.

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