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August 6, 2009


just have to keep my head above water for another week. wrap up 3 finals before i get to head down to the city for a weekend. hopefully get to do some things i didn't get a chance to do last time including: meet r&s' son for the first time, mister softee, burger joint, loco burrito, and the highline. then i'll head back up to the bean, pick up 3 evening shifts in the pharmacy satellites before i'm off to PDX! i've never been to oregon. i'm excited. perhaps i can cross over into washington too. then i'm back home in buffalo for a wedding labor day weekend before making it back to boston. having all these trips planned is not helping me study as i'm anxiously awaiting the end of the semester so i can have some fun.

it looks like i'll be heading to the weakerthans show here in sept with my friend laks from toronto. yay canadian music with canadians.

ok seriously. time for toxicology. stop procrastinating.

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