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May 13, 2009

the bean

so i'm back in the bean. i'm not sure what's happened... but i'm feeling pretty good these days. maybe it's the weather, or the new apartment (i think this is it). or maybe i just needed that break back home. even in my classes, although i'm busy... i don't feel overwhelmed which is a nice change. i do much better when things are structured appropriately. this isn't to say that i didn't like my field training experience in the buff... but having the opportunity to come up with my own project and executing it was a stressful experience... especially when i knew there was a deadline i had to have something ready and usable by. though i'll still be involved with it for the foreseeable future... i will be making updates to my program over the internet and keeping in touch with the personnel that way. my one hope now though... is i keep up with my classes so i don't get majorly stressed as the semester wears on.

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