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January 1, 2009


i can sum up 2008 with 1 word. changes. i'm glad i got through it.

i've been unsure of how i felt about 2009 rolling around... it's another year... which means i'm gonna be another year older. this time though i'll be hitting the big 3-0. despite the fact that i can feel the oldness seeping into my creaky bones, there's still a part of me that feels like i haven't grown up yet (could it be that i'm still in school? don't have a career? don't know what i want to do?). well... i guess for 2009, i'll try and figure more stuff out... maybe take more trips in my free time to visit friends. going on my wedding blitz this past fall really reinforced the feeling that i'm happiest and have the most fun when i'm surrounded by the people i grew up with, respect and love.

and to you... the reader... all the best for your '09.

January 26, 2009

reflections on the new year

the first couple days of the new year brought significant changes. my time at wm (heart of darkness) ended, and i flew halfway around the world to discover unknown lands (well to me at least).

sure i miss my co-workers... they were the only thing that kept me sane. i think i surprised them as i warmed up to them and they got to know me. a couple of them didn't expect me to be so bitter, cynical, and sarcastic. it's actually funny when people figure that out... cause they seem so surprised.

beijing was great. i'm so glad i made the trip, and i'm really glad fh came along, even though i ended up getting sick and probably not making it out to half the things we were supposed to see. i think aside from seeing all these amazing places, freezing, searching for a pharmacy, losing my medicine... i think my favorite aspect about the whole thing was just having the time to unwind, relax and really spending time with someone else. i've always enjoyed being able to observe things with others as an outsider. so many aspects of mainland chinese society are just so....... odd... to those from other shores. those are probably some of the things i will remember most because they are just so amusing to think about. in addition, those types of things provide some great shared memories... kinda like a code that only those who've spent time together have. shing bah kuh. see? funny!

thanks for putting up with me, and for tzung-ing me the blanket even though i was the one who got it.

all the best to everyone for the new year of the ox.

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