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the countdown

so i'm counting down to the end of my stint this semester... and i am so looking forward to getting it over. not so much the studying i have to do this weekend, but more so the other work that i've been doing these past couple months.

i'm going to be taking a trip to china for about a week and a half in january before spring semester starts. i am very much looking forward to seeing places i've never seen before and just wandering around in a different culture. hopefully i won't eat any "spiked" food.

ub lost a close game to #2 uconn tonight. i guess it's not surprising, cause after all it is a team from buffalo. on to the mac championship game tomorrow for the football team.

i'm looking forward to next semester... i'll be doing a project at a community health center, and hopefully getting all my stuff done for my masters. i'm mostly looking forward to having a better schedule, and one that's more conducive to having the free time to just enjoy the moment.

i've actually been having dreams about work lately, and i'll wake up in a panic... i can't believe it's affected me so much that it seeps into my subconscious.

i caught part of a tv show the other day, and heard radiohead's 'reckoner' playing on it... that made me happy.

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