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December 4, 2008

the countdown

so i'm counting down to the end of my stint this semester... and i am so looking forward to getting it over. not so much the studying i have to do this weekend, but more so the other work that i've been doing these past couple months.

i'm going to be taking a trip to china for about a week and a half in january before spring semester starts. i am very much looking forward to seeing places i've never seen before and just wandering around in a different culture. hopefully i won't eat any "spiked" food.

ub lost a close game to #2 uconn tonight. i guess it's not surprising, cause after all it is a team from buffalo. on to the mac championship game tomorrow for the football team.

i'm looking forward to next semester... i'll be doing a project at a community health center, and hopefully getting all my stuff done for my masters. i'm mostly looking forward to having a better schedule, and one that's more conducive to having the free time to just enjoy the moment.

i've actually been having dreams about work lately, and i'll wake up in a panic... i can't believe it's affected me so much that it seeps into my subconscious.

i caught part of a tv show the other day, and heard radiohead's 'reckoner' playing on it... that made me happy.

December 21, 2008

let it snow...

down to single digits for the countdown... then i'll be free and heading to beijing!

aside from work yesterday, i've had a pretty relaxing weekend overall. i did some work for my field training project next semester; i'm actually really excited about it, my site mentor is great. it makes me wish i could've stayed here for pharm school.

so i was reading this post on BR, and i think this might be the reason that i love to examine and physically touch old buildings. they're just a connection to the past, and to have them actually in front of me, it's as if i can connect myself to 50, 100, 200+ years ago. also when you have buildings that old, you can also see signs of wear usually... those imperfections make them that much more interesting i think.

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