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looking up

so... some other thoughts i had when i was in the city.

-sometimes i find it funny that no one really likes making eye contact in new york. i get it... you don't want to get into other's business and you don't want them getting into yours. however because you're just in such close proximity to everyone around you have to deal with it somehow. this observation is highlighted when riding the subway. with everyone around you, you notice that almost everyone will be either looking at the floor of the car, out the window into the passing darkness, or up at the ads just below the ceiling. efficient people will be either buried in a book or newspaper of some sort, or they'll be catching up on some sleep. if you happen to catch the eyes of another looking at you, the proper thing to do is to look away. i was thinking the other day when i was riding the train between jamaica and 51st & lex how many hours a day/month/year people just spend staring blankly on the subways.

-when it's not too hot and not too cold. i like stepping out from a subway station and joining the pedestrian flow in manhattan. the streetscape is a fluid canvas, and i (along with everyone else coming out from the station) blend into the scene. it's kind of neat how dynamic it is.

-was talking with my brother when i was there... about how small k-town is. no offense to my korean friends, but... if chinatown were ever to arrange a takeover of k-town, it wouldn't stand a chance.

-i really miss just putting on some music and taking a walk. the fun thing about new york is you could probably listen to your entire ipod collection while walking and never walking the same street twice, and still have more streets to walk.

-if i can make a trip out this winter, i think i'll try heading out to coney island or sheepshead bay and wander out to a more or less deserted beach/waterfront and enjoy the solitude.

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