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July 6, 2008

blind leading blind tryin' to keep yourself alive

it's time to start up the blog i think. it's been awhile since i've regularly posted, but i've been thinking i need to type out some thoughts now and again so i can keep myself sane, focused, and reflect a little. 've been stuck in summer semester, it's terrible. recently i've been regretting choosing my program lately over the others i was accepted into. it seems that after this next year, they're discontinuing the grad-entry program they setup, and switching it back to an undergrad transfer path. they've already adjusted our coursework without asking for any sort of input (from our class or the initial class before us), and yet we still have the general graduate school requirements. it just means more stress for us. i totally want to go and hermit somewhere.

a couple weeks ago i saw sloan in cambridge. it was a good show, but not a great show. the venue's sound was a little weird and distorted, didn't come out clean. it was great to see the boys from halifax (yeah, i know they're toronto based now... but to me they will always be from halifax). two days after i made a trip down to the city to see them live @ bowery ballroom, which is one of the best venues to see sloan at in my opinion. it's a mid-sized venue, located in an old hall they renovated down by the LES/chinatown area. the crowd was fantastic, very lively... doing the "sloan" chants that you'd expect to hear in buffalo and canadian venues and everything, made me miss home. they played some old favs with their new material. i've been listening to a lot of their old stuff lately, has made me think of high school and how easy life was back then. i remember picking up 'twice removed' when i was with the greater buffalo youth orchestra and we were playing in toronto over a weekend. i remember we rehearsed and played a concert @ ut. we also went to a tso concert which i remember was pretty cool, though i forgot what they played. i recall them having a distinctive concert hall as well. during one of the blocks of free time we had, i stopped at an hmv and picked up the album. while i listened to a lot of music during high school, that album is probably the one that i will associate most with that period of my life. i think it's the album that's kind of matched my "grown up" personality. it's a very subdued, not flashy, kind of bittersweet, and melancholy. even andrew's tracks are slower and low keyed compared to other albums. i remember thinking life was a little too complicated back then... right now though... i'd almost give anything to go back and live that "complicated" life, listening to music, going to shows, "studying" for school (what a joke). i can't believe i did as well as i despite how little studying i did.

so this fall i'll be on co-op again... and i've set one up in buffalo. i can't wait to go home, i need to get outta boston for awhile. this semester has totally drained me out. i think something that's been missing is spiritually i'm not where i want to be. it's been hard grounding myself... i haven't really be trying to look for a church, and i'm reluctant to ground myself in school... cause it feels empty when i try to do that. the friends i have... well i have a pretty fun time hanging out with them... but it's sad to say i'll probably lose touch with a lot of them if we go our separate ways after graduation. i think that's how it goes the older you get. i used to be good at keeping in touch with people... but over the last couple years, i've done a pretty bad job. it takes too much energy, and when you try and people don't reciprocate, it makes you want to try less.

well. that's it for now. have a good rest of your weekend.

July 16, 2008


i can't wait for this week to end. i'll have finished my online class that was more work than expected on friday after i submit a group project and a short paper. tomorrow i have my last "mid-term" exam for summer, then i get 2 weeks with no exams and then a week of finals. i can't wait for these classes to be over, it has been a pretty stressful summer thus far. hopefully i can just get by, and head home to recover for a semester. things i have learned... don't take an extra 3 credits in pharmacy school if you don't need to... i was up to 20 this summer with that online course.

i think i've figured out why i've struggled so much academically this summer. i don't think i deal well with a compressed mon-thur schedule, i think i need a full 5 days to space things out so i can pay better attention in class. in addition, i've never done as well in classes when i'm with a bunch of people, and my class of 90 people or so all have the same classes every single day. sometimes i just need a change, and not be lectured at for the entire day.

so they're doing another winter classic this coming year @ wrigley field in chicago featuring the red wings and the blackhawks. i just want to add that teams in north carolina, georgia, florida, phoenix, etc. shouldn't even exist in the nhl, because they can never host a winter classic. this way you won't have teams like tampa bay, the hurricanes, or dallas stars winning stanley cups for their 2 fans over more deserving locales.

well that's it for now, gotta get back to studying.

July 19, 2008

buffalo in the news

garden walk on yahoo travel.

July 22, 2008

falsetto voice

You can't take it with you
Does it for the pleasure

You were not to blame for
Bittersweet distractors
Dare not speak his name
Dedicated to all you
All your needs

Because we separate
The ripples on a black shore
Because we separate
The ripples on a black shore


Dedicated to all you human beings

July 23, 2008

looking forward to this new album

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