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February 19, 2008

was happy to hear you turned thirty-three, you look good, you're so carefree, wish i could be there

another year is rolling around, and i'm not sure how i feel about it all. lately i've just felt that this is definitely not how i pictured my life when i got to this age. it's difficult someitmes to think that i'm still in school and have a ways to go before finishing, when most of my close friends have steady careers and starting on the "next phase" of their personal lives. even with the friends i've made over the last 3-4 years or so... i've felt that i haven't been able to connect as well with them as i had been able to do previously. i think this is mainly due to the fact that i'm a couple of years older than my classmates, and while i still like to goof around, my interests and thoughts have grown a little more (or so i tell myself, i guess). it could also be that my beliefs are more hardened and rather cemented now that i'm older. in any case while i find it quite easy to find people to joke around with, i find the more serious part of building friendships/relationships a little more difficult now than before. you would think that 4-5 years isn't that long of a time, but 4-5 years during your 20s is almost like a lifetime. when your peers refer to soundgarden as an "old band"... when you play rock band on the xbox and "blackhole sun" comes on to which your band members say... i remember this song from early middle school... you just feel there's this large gap in age. it's strange when i refer to movies from high school or events that happened... and few people in the group can recall what happened... only to say they think they remember something about it. however, i can't fault them... cause they where in jr. high when i was in high school. they were also in high school when i was in college... and i was working when they were in college. they really are a whole generation behind me so to speak. there are days when i wonder what it would've been like to go to a program that had a mix of students that was skewed more to students my age.

so... these are some of the things i've been thinking about lately as the 29 comes up.

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