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January 6, 2008

monthly update 07-08

just checking in... cause i have a little bit of time...

so the semester finished, i passed all my classes... not necessarily with the grades that i wanted... though i got past that first semester... and i don't have to take them over so that's a good thing =].

have had people visiting on a weekly basis for the last couple weeks. have more people coming in for the forseeable future. it's been fun... but i haven't been sleeping as much as i'd like... and i LOVE to sleep =p.

having friends come in to visit was great... and i'm looking forward to having some more come in. of all the semesters to do it... this semester is probably the one to do it in since i'm on co-op until may. my co-op is @ one of the more interesting and specialized hospitals here in boston... and i'm making a bunch of different drugs for parenteral delivery. so i'm @ this co-op full time... and continue with classes during summer... thus for a few months i won't have to study and won't have exams.

i'm still trying to get used to the whole not being able to get up late on weekdays and not being able to take naps during the day thing. my first week @ the hospital i started @ 7am... that was a bit rough. i've since moved to 9am these last 2 weeks... which is still earlier than my 10am classes from last semester.

overall the start of the new year has been pretty good... though i still find myself short on time. anyways... i need to go to bed... but happy belated new year to all.

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