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December 7, 2007

winding down

this hasn't happened in a very long time... but today i walked out of a final with a sinking feeling. i was unprepared for it despite staying up for the last 2 days and nights cramming for it. it was a cumulative final, and i just ran out of time to study for it. things have been hectic since the end of thanksgiving, wednesday i had 2 group papers AND presentations for them due. those two things had taken up a majority of my time the last 2 weeks or so, leaving very little time to study for the exam i had today. i guess it really is my own fault though... i should have been better prepared and started way earlier. it feels like i've been trying to catch up this entire semester, and i never got a chance to get on top of things. what's most depressing to me is i feel like i'm starting to fall back to how i was when i was an undergrad, and would just get overwhelmed and give up.

but... anyways... in an attempt to cheer myself up a bit, i downloaded 'charlie brown holiday hits' from amazon. 'christmas time is here' is the song i was looking for to pick me up. i really need to look forward to something that doesn't have anything to do with school right now.

and... who knows... maybe the big guy up in the sky will have made most of my guesses on the exam correct... one can always hope right?

ok... time to study for my final on monday. IT NEVER ENDS!!!

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