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November 2, 2007

to post or not to post...

still quite busy... been kind of wavering between hanging up the skates so to speak on this blog... and continuing to try to post. thing is, at times during my waking hours i'll think of something to write about, but then i either come back to my apartment and forget i even have a blog, or come home and am just totally drained. i think it's just a habit thing... as ever since i've moved to boston, i haven't been keeping up with other people's blogs as much either.

however... i think i may try to get into the habit of writing here again... as a ways to put what i'm thinking down. things are ok here and i'm still rather glad that i'm here, but it's still an adjustment nonetheless. life and school are definitely stressing me out a lot more recently. there's just so much to keep track of with various exams, work, meetings, conferences, etc. things get overwhelming pretty quick, and there's at least one time every week when i just want everything to stop so i can catch my breath. too bad time doesn't stop for anyone.

there are a few things that i'm glad about though. i ordered and got my futon for my living room last week. it's all assembled now, and all the junk in my boxes that i hadn't organized yet are all filed and put away neatly. i just need to get a couple more additions, but at the very least my apartment feels like it's a home now with large emptiness of my living room filled with something. i'm also really enjoying the weather, the smell of the leaves, the cool autumn air. despite the fact that there are times when i wish it would all end... i feel really lucky to be going to school @ NU. the red sox won the series.

i've been listening a lot to david usher's most recent album the last few weeks. it's a good one to listen to as i walk to and from campus. it puts me in a reflective mood. do you ever wonder where you'd be if you hadn't made the decisions you had made? if you hadn't made the mistakes you've made? had some of the successes you've had? happened upon certain people etc.?

well... it's the weekend. i hope you enjoy yours.

no... i'm a big book publisher who's not the least bit interested in your stony memoirs... you're a towel

ok... this whole moving primaries and caucuses up thing is getting ridiculous. after all these years, traditionally the new hampshire primary and the iowa caucus are the first to vote in the country as the democrat and republican races kick off. now everyone wants to move ahead of each other and be the first in order to "influence" who get's the final nod to represent the party. they're all constantly changing the dates now, and telling one another "if you move before us, we'll move our date ahead again." pretty soon... no one will know when the primary is... it'll be like 10 years ahead of the actual year for the election, and it will be a surprise announcement. "SURPRISE! we're holding our state's in 10 minutes. go vote!" i think either we should do away with the primary system and just have everyone on the final ballot, or have every state vote on the same damn date already. besides, i think a big problem with why our country has such low voter turnout and participation is because they are so tired of the politics. it seems like all the candidates are constantly out there getting face time for votes. there always seems to be negative political ads on tv these days. maybe the public is just tired of it all and has tuned it all out? perhaps since it's so ingrained into the background of daily lives when election day does come around nobody cares because it's constantly there anyways?

what's up with the sabres this year? why are they sucking so much? (oh yeah, they screwed the pooch by letting both their captains go from last year). what's up with philly and boston being decent too?

in football news... remember when the afc east used to be a powerhouse division? how times have changed. miami is still terrible, the jets are in shambles, and the bills are in 2nd place (i don't even know how we're even up there). will anyone be able to stop brady and the pats? i'm getting sick of watching him hook up with moss for touchdown after touchdown.

i have a confession to make. i was actually rooting for cleveland to beat the bosox... despite the fact that i like the red sox. it's only because cleveland's AAA minor league affliate is the buffalo bisons, and a lot of their roster has been brought up through their farm system and played ball in buffalo. i'm just happy that the yankees didn't make it and the indians knocked them out.

the track 'science' on 'strange birds' is a really good track to crank up the volume on. when i listen to it... it feels like i'm just immersed in this sonic space as it builds up. definitely dig the hi-hat.

November 5, 2007

see... more sleep IS good...

how come when you're young... you don't want to sleep? i remember being able to stay awake, and my parents would always be telling me to go to bed. i wanted to stay up later and later... boy do i wish i had that kind of energy now. george carlin was right... life should work backwards... it'd be more fun (ie. funner). so anyways... sleeping more has another benefit associated with it.

this is interesting... and it might be me sometime down the line if i ever meet that right person to not live with. it really is hard to spend all if not most of your time with someone... even if you really care about them. i also know that it's a two person thing... as in sometimes i can get pretty annoying too.

i love how after all these years with the colts, bill polian can still refer to buffalo as 'us'.

i don't know what is wrong with people these days. stuff like this just depresses me.


had an interview today for my spring co-op. i like the place. hopefully i'll be able to land it. it's funny how you just get good at doing interviews as you keep doing them and as you get older. i remember i used to sweat and get really nervous and sometimes have difficulty in reacting and responding to questions. the last couple years, as i've gone into interviews, i just haven't really even thought of anything going in. it's kind of like having a conversation with a stranger that just flows from one topic to the next. i think another thing is, i've said the same or similar things so many times, that it all just comes. the pauses that happen when i "think" of my answer are actually just me recalling what i've said in the past. it's also strange how i can easily talk to people when i don't even know them, but if it's about work i'll have a good amount to say. however, if i'm at a party and i don't know the majority of the people, i won't be the one seeking out conversation usually.

well... that's it for me tonight.

November 15, 2007

majorly slacking

2 exams next week before the holiday, should be studying more... but it ain't happening. still so much to do. i need to rapidly increase my mental abilities quickly... don't think it's gonna happen within the time frame i need it to though.

i've been taking lots of naps lately, but have been having trouble confining them to power nap time limits. i used to be so good at getting up again after 20 minutes. i need to get that ability back.

some members of the US gov't are backing taiwan's reinstatement to the UN. taiwan was previously the representative for china as the republic of china, but once china gained influence taiwan lost its seat to china in 1971. from my point of view, i'm kind of split on this. as a people, even though the people of taiwan are mostly chinese, they definitely have a very different culture than the chinese in china (even within china the chinese are divided into multiple groups speaking different dialects). however, taiwan has no way of defending itself from a mainland invasion, it would be over in about 10 minutes and the people's republic would have control. with china's economy, taiwan has lost influence in the business world as well, so they really don't have the clout to attract investment or invest outside that they once did.

buffalo the loser.

i wish i had money so i could do this, i'd donate both. it's such a great idea i think, but i am so in debt right now from my own school loans it's not even funny.

that's it.

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