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October 12, 2007

becoming t.c.

maybe i've lost interest in posting? it's a distinct possibility i suppose, or maybe i just got out of the habit. whatever it is, i think school may have something to do with it, and my life is really pretty boring these days. i walk to school, sit in class, struggle to stay awake, come home, try and do work, go to bed. haven't had that much time to explore boston... been on some weekend trips, down to nyc and back to buffalo. i like the school, i like the living environment, but i don't like school if you know what i mean. it's just draining, and they keep dumping more stuff on you.

what i need is a vacation, and to connect with people who share common interests... but... i'm not the young undergrad anymore. boston's a great place to be if you're an undergrad... but when you're a little older going to school here... it's just not the same. the city itself is beautiful though, and i enjoy my walks when i do have time. i think what i really miss is having old friends around.

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