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hippos are totally bizarro

so i'm watching a documentary on pbs now on hippos. they are some weird animals. kinda like some freak pig combined with another weirdo animal like a rhino making an even stranger animal.

did you know there's a type of tree called the sausage tree? there is. it's weird looking.

school's going ok so far, and my apartment is becoming a ilttle more furnished slowly but surely.

my new desk came in along with other office stuff from staples, so i set up my den. right now, i've got my ubuntu box running samba serving files to my macbook over a wi-fi network. i hope to get a new desktop next semester so i can put vista on it and run some windows programs. i have boot camp on my macbook and xp is loaded onto it, but i really much rather work on a desktop when i have to use something like dreamweaver or photoshop. i think word looks much better on a desktop too, though we'll see when microsoft releases their new office for macs. office 2k4 for macs really doesn't run as well as it does in windows.

so... anyways... i should do a little reading and go to sleep... but here's my study.

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