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September 2, 2007

the move... boston is great!

first... can i just tell tansal to frickin post already? ok... now that that's out of the way...

the move to boston was ok... we actually unloaded quicker than i had anticipated... it seemed like i had a lot of stuff (it was one of those utility van loads)... but in my new place there really isn't too much going on. i took some pics of the inside. i need a futon to make my living room more living roomish... and i need a desk to make my den more denish. there are other construction projects going on in my head to give this space a better layout... but so far, i really like my place. i'm planning to put up my large canadian flag in my den instead of my bedroom. i think the red and white would contrast well against the light blueish wall. maybe i'll pick up some sort of sabres stuff to put in my room. if tomorrow's nice... i'll take a pic of the outside of the building. i think it looks pretty sweet... lots of character.

i ordered a wireless router so i can hook that up when i officially get my dsl package from verizon. i had planned on getting one of those 802.11n routers with a 4 port gigabit ethernet switch... but the n wifi standard isn't yet a standard... and i'd have to get a gigabit ethernet card for my xubuntu box. i'd prefer getting the n/giga routers cause gigabit ethernet will have a longer shelflife than the wireless standards... however the n/giga routers are still around $120... so i think i can wait until the prices drop a bit. i ended up getting a netgear g/fast ethernet router/switch combo for a little under $30. these things were up @ the $120 price level just a couple years ago.

saw an old friend from high school and his buddies tonight... went to see superbad. the emotional connection to the characters didn't fully develop as it did with apatow's other films... however... i still thought it was a very funny movie overall. also ran into another person i knew from way way way back when in buffalo... small world.

i'm gonna head down to the city this weekend... i need vacation before school gets cray busy... see some old friends... and get some pizza under the brooklyn bridge.

September 17, 2007

hippos are totally bizarro

so i'm watching a documentary on pbs now on hippos. they are some weird animals. kinda like some freak pig combined with another weirdo animal like a rhino making an even stranger animal.

did you know there's a type of tree called the sausage tree? there is. it's weird looking.

school's going ok so far, and my apartment is becoming a ilttle more furnished slowly but surely.

my new desk came in along with other office stuff from staples, so i set up my den. right now, i've got my ubuntu box running samba serving files to my macbook over a wi-fi network. i hope to get a new desktop next semester so i can put vista on it and run some windows programs. i have boot camp on my macbook and xp is loaded onto it, but i really much rather work on a desktop when i have to use something like dreamweaver or photoshop. i think word looks much better on a desktop too, though we'll see when microsoft releases their new office for macs. office 2k4 for macs really doesn't run as well as it does in windows.

so... anyways... i should do a little reading and go to sleep... but here's my study.

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