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July 4, 2007

back in the states

landed @ jfk yesterday morn... heading back to buffalo later tonight. i was surprised at how nice it was outside... usually july 4th is hot and unbearably humid... not unlike taiwan. however, i walked out of the terminal to sunshine and a nice breeze and temps in the 70s F (low to mid 20s C). i met lots of new people on my trip... friends of cousins and friends of their friends. hopefully i'll be able to keep in touch with them. saw lots of old friends as well... it's a shame that my vacation had to end. if only i was independently wealthy enough to retire already, i could just wander the earth and travel for the rest of my life. for now though, i'll just head back to buffalo, finish up some loose ends, and hopefully enjoy the rest of my last summer in new york state.

pics to come, as soon as i can find a usb cable to get them off my sd card.

July 10, 2007

no more i say...

i can no longer procrastinate... i've got to really start cranking these last things out. i've finally set my defense date for aug 13th, which means i'll have to submit my thesis to my committee by aug 6th. ahhhh it's less than a month away!

it's funny. so it's kinda hot and muggy outside these last couple days in buffalo... but while i think it's yucky... i don't think it's THAT nasty. i think over the time in taiwan, i got acclimated to the weather there... so NOTHING can feel as bad as it did there.

is this why old people turn into grumpy people? i hope i never lose my sense of humor... i like laughing too much.

July 15, 2007

go out n gitsome

ice cream that is! july is national ice cream month, and july 15th is national ice cream day! i am always up for ice cream... but since today is national ice cream day... maybe i should indulge a little more and take an ice cream tour of my favorite places here in western ny? anderson's, nina's, sweet jenny's, and alethea's. anyone up for it?

headed out to the italian fest later... enjoy your sunday.

July 17, 2007

Where the hell is that guy?

OK, it has been pointed out to me that I haven't posted in nearly three months. Every now again, when I'm walking down the street or something, I'll have an idea of something that I'd like to share here. But by the time I eventually get home I've lost it.

A lot has happened. My new living quarters are starting to shape up into a, well, livable space. I've got a new job I'm excited about. I'm socializing a lot more. My birthday's coming up. I've still got a couple of years until the big 3-0. I'm receptive to romance, which I haven't been in a while. So let's see where this path takes me for a bit.

The final Harry Potter book arrives this Saturday. It'll be my first (and last) book of the series that I'll get to read at the same time that everyone else will. I'm pretty excited about that. I was just as blasé about the books as the next person, back when friends were urging me to read it. But it's just a kids book, I thought to myself. Anyway, it took me a while, I started very gradually, but two years ago I was upto the fourth book. By the time I finished it, I was suddenly hooked. I went on to read the fifth and sixth in the series, which has just been released. I got into all the theorizing and everything. Now I'm completely excited about the final book, and doing my best to avoid most media outlets for as long as it takes for me to read and enjoy the book.

I also saw the fifth film in the movie franchise recently. I thought it was an effective adaptation, right up there with the third movie. My least favorite is the fourth, even though it has some wonderful comic relief, because it falls so short on so many critical points. I'd like to check out the new movie in IMAX 3D some time this week, too. Any other Potter fans out there?

July 20, 2007


tc is officially 28 years old today. what an old man.

happy birthday go do some stuff.

July 21, 2007

pics up

i've switched my photo album over to google's picasa. i haven't had the chance to re-setup the old gallery software on my linux box... and flickr's free account only let's me have 3 sets. picasa's software is nice, i can have multiple albums, and they give a gig of storage for free (it seems their web albums are a modified version of the gallery software anyways). this will also allow me to have a backup of my photos in case god forbid anything ever happens to my disk drive (oh... and it has before... i lost about 12 gigs of mp3s when an old hard drive failed a couple years ago).

so anyways... you can see my pics here.

July 30, 2007

fun... quick... before it gets taken down

Update: it got taken down.

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