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June 2, 2007

one of my fav simpson moments

by the meat council. (Need Quicktime plugin)

June 8, 2007


this past week was the 18th anniversary of the tiananmen square student protest and massacre, and i'm amazed at how old i've become. since the university at buffalo has pretty much always had a big international student population from asia since the 80s... this event was a major topic when it happened within the chinese community here. last year i had watched a frontline documentary on the "tank man" broadcast on pbs (and also on rogers up in toronto). this week they had a rebroadcast... it's really a great documentary... you should watch it if you get a chance. the online version actually has more footage. a lot of things happened after the students dispersed that night which the western media didn't report... the chinese government killed a lot more people of its own people. it also tells the tale of the after effects of the communist government's decision, gives a brief background on china's growth, and how they're controlling information now. i was actually going to make a post awhile back about how western tech companies are just giving into china's censorship policies just to get contracts. i'm disappointed that they really didn't put up much of a fight, but on the otherhand... they really have no choice if they want to keep up in a global marketplace, because if they won't provide services... some other company will. it is kind of sad how much of a role money plays in everything. so the documentary is here... you really should watch it... it's excellent.

here's an article from this week just showing what the documentary reported is absolutely true. it's really sad that the young people in china have no idea what happened during those days in june of 1989. the government pretty much just erased that incident from history.

in other news... i've been looking on craigslist for apartments in boston. i'm trying to decide if i should get roomates or just find a studio or 1br. cost will definitely be more if i am by myself... but it'd be nice to have my own place. i'll likely have to budget out $1000/month for a studio or 1br. with roomates i can find places in the $700s, and with better access to the T. i fricking hate apartment hunting and moving... why couldn't i have just gotten into pharmacy school in buffalo... it would've been so much easier. nice apartments are plenty and on the cheap, and i'm not afraid to drive here, plus there's plenty of parking compared to boston.

hmmm... just waiting to go to asia.......

June 25, 2007


i am in taiwan.

it is hot.

zuper hot.

i went surfing yesterday.

i broke my body.

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