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May 1, 2007


what's up with the sabres? seriously! i don't think they've played a complete game this entire postseason except for the 5-2 drubbing of the rangers that started off this 2nd round. we are seriously in trouble if we don't start to dominate like we've been able to do all season. the passes are off the mark, the skating's been lazy, we haven't finished checks, wtf? the power play has been atrocious. forget about getting the puck in and keeping control of it as we enter the offensive zone. last year's team had far more desire even with our defensive corps shredded by injury. we need people like mckee and grier back to get in the face of some of these players... call them out or something. it's just absolutely shameful that this has been what they've put together for the cup. i'll even say that we should be down 3-1 in this series... we stole game 2.

it's raining again.

i'm psyched for spider-man 3. it's going to be cool to see venom in a movie. the comic book geek in me will be out in full force this weekend.

May 4, 2007

*sigh of relief*

ok... these games can't be good for my heart. i'm gonna go into cardiac arrest one of these days from a game.

rangers score in last 5 min of the 3rd of a scoreless game?

sabres with goalie pulled get a face-off in ranger's zone on an icing call with 16 seconds left?

drury scores the tying goal with 7 seconds left?


max scores and we WIN?


we're up 3-2... finally a complete game.

let's hope we shut this down on sunday.

May 6, 2007

bring on the sens

so the sabres downed the pesky rangers this afternoon, and are the best team in new york this year (suck it downstate new york, you're our bitch). i was worried about this series, but we came out and played well today. the penalty kill wasn't particularly good, we let in 3 shorthanded goals, after shutting out the rangers powerplay last game. however, there was good effort for most of the game, we skated well, and didn't have many turn-overs.

we'll be facing ottawa... it should be an intense series. we've met a lot in the playoffs in recent years. 2006 conf semis, 1999 conf quarters, 1997 conf quarters. we've only played philly more in the playoffs (thus the healthy hatred for philadelphia most buffalonians have). on top of that, there was the all out brawl here in buffalo during the regular season where even the goalies came to center ice to throw down. this should be an evenly matched series. ottawa has loads of offensive skill, as do we. our team is built around skating, and so are the sens. we both roll 4 lines, and all lines are dangerous for both teams. maybe the one advantage we have is that ottawa has a tendency to choke in the playoffs. i'm hoping this year will be no different.

i've been replaying this clip over and over since friday night. it puts me in a good mood. i love it when buffalo goes a little crazy. this team is really bringing people together... and it feels good. chris drury is the frickin man.

it was a beautiful day AGAIN today... so naturally i went out and got ice cream with a friend. mmmmm vanilla custard.

May 10, 2007

the dealio

sabres play @ home in a couple of hours... i'm pretty excited for this series, as is most of buffalo.

it's been a strange 2 weeks or so with some sad stuff happening, but let's talk about the good stuff that's going on. i'm going to new york next thur for a couple of days to celebrate the end of my last academic semester @ ub for awhile. so while in new york, i plan on going to the bronx zoo which i haven't been to in a long time, and i will go make a trek to coney island and ride the cyclone... which is the scariest roller coaster i've ever been on, but oh so fun. i also decided that i really wanted to spend lots of money, so i bought plane tix to taiwan. actually my cousin's flying out from cali so we'll be meeting up there. i'll be there for about 2 weeks from the end of june til start of july. i'm also gonna stay over in tokyo for 2 nights which should be fun.

that's about all.


May 11, 2007

that was an ugly loss

i walked with a bunch of my classmates last night... i was afraid i was gonna miss a really good game (as were most of the people in attendance all itching to get out).

but.... it was a clunker. hopefully our boys will rebound tomorrow, otherwise we'll be in deep trouble heading into ottawa.


May 13, 2007

backs against the wall

i'm gonna cry.

i just can't figure out why this team can't play in a consistent manner. passes get sloppy, the power play is still absolutely horrendous... i mean come on! we've had more than a couple of those with NO SHOTS on goal?! this team just doesn't have the heart and will to get it done like last year's team. this late into the playoffs we are sorely missing mckee and grier who we decided not to resign during the offseason. last year we were down 2/3 of our defensive regulars and still made the eastern conference finals. this year we have a completely healthy squad. this was supposed to be the year! i hate to say it... but two down on ottawa going into scotiabank place is a little too much to handle i think. i was hoping that with briere's goal with 5 seconds left in regulation would secure a win in OT... but the senators won battles and weren't as sloppy. they did a good job of pressuring our zone in the 2nd OT. this team is turning out just like this city... so much potential... but that thing that brings you over the hump is always a little too far away.

there's always hope i guess.............. but the past has taught me never to get my hopes up when anything associated with buffalo is concerned cause disappointment usually awaits. so... i hope that i'm wrong and we take the next 2 at least. otherwise... chalk it up to being buffalo... the heartbreak capital of the world.

May 16, 2007


so we're still alive! have to work on that killer instinct. should not have let up and let the sens back with 2 goals in the 2nd on a 3-0 lead. played just well enough to escape out and come back home. another win on saturday should put some doubt back into ottawa. have to keep on believing... otherwise next loss end the season and hope for a cup the next couple years. buffalo will look quite different next year with key players moving on in free agency.

we're still turning the puck over at inopportune times (especially in our zone). a few players have been quiet. spacek and kalinin are messes. roy finally did something. kotalik had some chances tonight, but hasn't been heard from in a long long time. power play still is crap. at least our penalty kill is still doing well, and we avoided an embarrassing sweep.

off to new york for a couple days tomorrow.

extended office tomorrow too!

May 22, 2007

disappointing conclusion

eh... the trip to the city was good... but like the sabres game didn't meet expectations (due to the weather i decided against going to the bronx zoo and coney island).

i ended up staying in saturday watching the sabres lose in OT to the sens. it was a real crushing end to the season... there were such great expectations this year, and like all buffalo sports teams before we just fell short. i swear, this city is cursed. sometimes i wonder why we keep on rooting for our teams, because we always get close but never quite make it. on top of that... buffalo is not a new york, toronto, or even boston. there's no history of a championship in the currently recognized big 4 pro leagues. there's just a loss of population, lots of decaying industrial sites, an exodus of young people, and people all over taking shots at how crappy we are. there's very little that one can look at and be really positive about... and then the sabres have a good run, and people start believing again only to get smacked around again. it's frickin depressing, especially when you as a local know how much better this place is than what its reputation is. the emotion you feel while internalized as an individual, also encompasses the disappointment you feel for the community if that makes any sense.

anyways... overall the trip down was good though. saw lots of old friends which i'm really happy about. time moves so fast... and changes happen so quickly. in a couple of weeks there's a real possibility that none of my post-college roomates will be in new york. one's already down south, another's going back west, and the third left for grad school and is looking for employment now (though they do have an interview in the city this week). it's weird that despite all the people i've met (or old friend's who've moved) in/to new york through the years... as time goes on, the number of people i know who remain there diminishes. life is strange like that... people's paths cross and when you look back what felt like awhile really is only a brief moment in your life. there's always a bit of sadness that comes to me when i think about it... like how i should've gone out and done something instead of lazing around at home after work.

i walked around my old hood a little bit this trip. it's totally changed. there are new buildings all over the place. when i first moved there my end of williamsburg was still getting redeveloped. i took a look this time around... and was really weirded out. i hadn't been back in at least 2 years or so.

while i'm looking forward to the move to boston... i'm kinda missing the comfort of old faces and memories in new york. check out the song titled brooklyn bridge.

May 26, 2007

too tired to get up

i was thinking yesterday how i might try and get up and watch them 'splode and blowed up a building here in buffalo. however, they scheduled it for 6am, and that's just way too early for me to drive downtown, find parking, and stand on the sidewalk. i did heard the 'splosions going off @ around 6:10am... which was kinda weird... since it's not THAT close to where i am, but buffalo's relatively flat and it was a cool non-humid morning, and my windows were open so i guess the sound traveled rather nicely. here be the blowed up building.

here's a cool article about wegmans, the absolute best supermarket out there. it's weird the attachment people in western new york have to this supermarket. it's kinda like how people love trader joe's and whole foods... except wegmans isn't all organic and stuff. it's just this homey down to earth place.

that's all.

May 28, 2007

mah i's hert

i'm doing some cleaning and organizing of my hard drives to prepare for the eventual move and migration of stuff. i decided i'm gonna buy a macbook (since they just came out with faster ones, the old ones are cheaper and ub has a good deal) as my laptop and a new dell desktop for home use in my new apt. i'll be bringing one of my old pc's and slapping xubuntu linux distro on it mainly for some network storage of music and movies.

anyways... in the midst of cleaning things up... i found this which i saved cause i thought it was cool. anyways... my first friendster account prior to me getting freaked out with being way too connected and not anonymous anymore and subsequently closing my account. i was friends with canada. this was when these social networking site didn't have groups or whatever... and so people had to change their names to groups. at the time friendster really discouraged this... and started shutting these accounts down... so in response whoever had the canada account posted this to all his/her friendsters which was really nice.

From: Canada

Date: September 25, 2003 7:29 AM

Subject: Standing proud until the end



  IT IS WITH SOLEMN fortitude and eternal determination that Canada addresses you today. As you have seen, many an abstract concept, geographic locale, famous celebrity, and other non-real-human -individual members of the Friendster community have recently been forced to leave our midst.

  Canada has stood strong the test of time for one hundred thirty -six years and remains committed to defending its sovereignty and the lifestyle its citizens have come to enjoy. But it would be an abdication of duty to ignore the threat posed at this juncture. Canada must acknowledge that its days as a Friendster may be numbered.

  There will be no shirking from the functions expected of a government of our stature in these uncertain days. Friendster requests will continue to be approved, post offices will remain open, Parliament will remain in session, and testimonials will continue to be offered and received. But we must all remain vigilant while keeping our heads high. And we must remain thankful for the opportunity to practice parliamentary democracy in a nominally monarchic fashion with all of you dear, dear friends. If we do not have the opportunity to say it again, please know for all time that it has been a pleasure having each one of you as an official Friend of Canada for all of these months.

  Let us learn the lesson of Canada's great far North, where the reward for enduring despite the months of darkness is an unending cascade of light.

Thank you for having us. We remain Yours,


the internet is really a weird place. you can meet and connect with so many people and not really ever meet them but get messages like the one above showing some sort of connectedness between people.

May 31, 2007

ever have those moments when you know something's changed in the world?

i really think that as humans... we have a connection to each other that spans across oceans and continents. i was having a pretty normal day today... joking around, making sarcastic comments with the other classmates in my lab, complaining about how i was running yet another gel in the early evening... pretty much being the obnoxious person that i am. a couple hours ago... i was struck with the feeling that i needed some new music... something new that i didn't have... something that captured my mood at the moment.... something was a little off... and i felt it. i can say that music is really important in my life... i think that everything that happens in life can have a soundtrack matched with it. music helps me connect with what i'm feeling on a level that nothing else can quite do. i could only describe what i was looking for as kinda melancholy and bittersweet... but low key like massive attack... but not quite massive attack. anyways... i just found out the my grandfather passed away this morning in taiwan (well tomorrow morning actually cause they're 12 hours ahead, and it's night here as i write this).

so as i reflect... i'm really sad that i didn't spend more time last year in keelung where my grandparents live, was only there for a couple hours. i'm sad that i missed him this year... i would've been in taiwan in 3 weeks. i'm sad that i didn't really know him that well since i didn't make many trips to taiwan after elementary school, and my grandparents never made it to the US... i know that he loved me though from my memories of visiting when i was younger. to this day what struck me about him was that he was very gentle and acted very much like a grandfather. while my grandmother would have that annoyed tone in her voice sometimes (you know that tone that all mothers seem to develop after they have children), my grandfather was always kinda calm and laid back about things. he had a grandfatherly tone. i used to love seafood a lot... and taiwan's all about the seafood. so when i went to visit... we'd always have lots of clams and he'd make sure my plate was never empty. he liked toothpicks a lot... he'd always have one in his mouth... he also liked to eat honeydew. i'm sure he imparted some wisdom and it's stuck somewhere in my head... maybe more random stuff that isn't really important important... but just interesting knowledge more than anything else, though i can't really recall. i guess that's what makes me sad the most... that i can't remember those few moments that i had with him.

you know... i've been on both ends this past year. my dad's mom who i know pretty well... someone i grew up with... she passed away in november. then my mom's dad... who i didn't know that well just passed away... and in both cases... it's still sad. as i've grown up... a lot more of my focus has been put on myself.. college, career, grad school, friends, relationships, more school, i just wished i had a little more time to get to know the members of my own family better. in the end... it's just missed opportunity. it makes me think that being scared to do something isn't worth it... life is short and uncertain... if there's something out there that you should or want to do... skydiving, going back to school, taking a trip, visiting your extended family, asking that cute girl/boy out carpe diem cause tomorrow may not come.

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