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last month at ub

so it's april, time goes by so quickly. just one more month officially at the university at buffalo. i'll be continuing my research and writing my thesis and defending over summer but i won't have to register for any classes. it seems that i just recently started grad school here, and yet it feels so far away at the same time. i think i've changed a little from these 3 years i've been back home. i'm a little more confident in what i'm doing, and why i've done what i've done. was a bit of a gamble coming back to school, didn't know if i'd be able to achieve my goals, but i'm glad i did it. talked to my advisor for my public health masters program, said i should take a leave of absence from that program. i'm only 4 courses, a couple weeks of field training experience, and a masters project away from earning that degree. i've decided on a pharmacy school too (despite my piscean nature of being indecisive). i'll be heading to northeastern university in boston this fall for the next 4 years. the school actually started a new track for graduate entry, which means i get to take electives in the graduate school along with the pharmacy school. my advisor noted that i could transfer 3 courses (up to 10 credits) in the grad school at northeastern, or take classes at the other 3 public health programs in boston (tufts, boston university, harvard) towards my mph program. also, since northeastern has co-ops on top of their pharmacy experiential year i should be able to get my field training waived if i complete a co-op that has to do with public health or upon finishing my experiential year. if all plays out i would only have to take 1 course (at ub) and complete my project and i'd also have another masters after pharm school.

so... other good news. been using silver staining on acrylamide gels in lab vs. agarose with ethidium bromide due to the small fragment i'm trying to cut out from my vector. these tiny 56 base pair fragments weren't showing up on the agarose gel due to the rest of the gel being lit up by the large sized pieces. on a bunch of my samples i saw that something was being cut and released, but couldn't see the smaller fragment. my biotech advisor/pi suggested switching to the acrylamide. the first couple i ran, the resolution wasn't great (and i totally ripped the gel on a couple) but it looked like something was there. on one i ran today, i saw a clear and consistent difference with banding between my uncut plasmid and my restriction digested ones. i've got 4 samples of 2 other different strands i ligated and transformed into e. coli to run tomorrow. hopefully i'll get similar results, culture and freeze down some cells, and send off a batch to get dna sequencing done. if this all works out (big if), i can start transfecting some mel cells with my vector to see if i can get this whole sirna thing to work out. this is the best news in lab i've gotten in a really long time. plus, i'll actually have some nice pictures of gels (results, finally!) to show during my department seminar on monday.

on top of all this good news... the sabres won tonight! they captured the eastern conference for the regular season (and home-ice throughout the eastern conference playoffs), as well as the northeast division! yay... new banners @ hsbc!. we're 1 point behind detroit for the president's trophy with one game in hand. detroit's won so many frickin times... i hope the little guy gets it this year (sorry k), though even if we don't end up with the president's trophy, i'd give that up for the cup in a heartbeat. also... the leafs are 1 point out of 8th, and i'd rather play toronto than montreal (sorry k... again) if i had a choice... we've owned the leafs for a very long time. the team i'm most scared of in the playoffs is jersey... they've always been tough for us to beat no matter what time of the year it is. also, in case you haven't read this... the sabres are ranked number 1 in the ultimate standings across all 4 major sporting leagues. buffalo also placed first with another dubious honor... this was with the bills (those scrubs). ranked number 1 on the pain and suffering index by espn. our 2 pro sports teams on the opposite ends of the spectrum. whatever... hockey is a much better sport =].

i've been really liking the mix pandora has been putting out for me lately. found a lot of new stuff that i'm digging.

so... i've been pretty happy lately which is a weird feeling. next week brings my seminar, an exam, and a term paper... and after that... it looks like smooth sailing school wise until summer starts. i'm looking forward to that.

haven't written a post this long in awhile. thanks for reading. have good hump days!

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It's unbelievable at how fast time really does go.

I think finishing your master's is such an awesome accomplishment. Congrats.

It's unbelievable at how fast time really does go.

I think finishing your master's is such an awesome accomplishment. Congrats.

It's unbelievable at how fast time really does go.

I think finishing your master's is such an awesome accomplishment. Congrats.

Okay, it kept not showing my comment and now there it is - thrice. Sorry.

it's all good christy... makes this blog look like there's some activity on it. in fact you could repeat post 50 of the same comments and i'd still think that would be wonderful. =]

btw... t.c. should get off his lazy ass and start posting.

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