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there's just nothing...

i've really wanted to say lately. just been pre-occupied by school stuff... wondering if my thesis will ever come out. however... now that i'm in a program for next year... it seems there's no motivation left in me. i've been dreading the lab lately... each time i go in and spend a couple hours... i worry about the end result of having nothing to show for it after a week of prepping something.

i've been getting a lot of headaches recently too. maybe i'm dying... maybe it's a tumor. (eeets naaaht a toooomah). quick... what movie's that from?

also... wavering lately on whether or not i should go on my asia trip. the research thing has me really frustrated. thing is... i like my lab a lot... my advisor... and the project itself is interesting... but after you go through the motions oh so many times and have nothing to show for it...

i'm kind of looking forward to my last summer in buffalo for at least the next 4 years. my only wish is that i won't have to spend all of it either a) in the lab, or b) writing this thesis.

so i've been listening to arcade fire's newest album. i have to say... i'm not liking it as much as their first. however... the first one took me awhile to get into. i put that one away for a couple months before popping it into the cd player in my car and really digging it. there are some songs on the new one that i really like though. i think it starts off strong with 'black mirror' and ends strong too with 'my body is a cage'. some of the others i like in the middle include 'black wave/bad vibrations', 'ocean of noise', 'the well and the lighthouse', 'no cars go', with 'ocean of noise' probably my fav... the instrumentals sound like they could be used in a david lynch movie dream sequence.

til next time...

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It disturbs me at how quickly I knew that that came from Kindergarten Cop.

I do hope that you get time to enjoy Buffalo over the summer. It's crazy how you can live for a long time in a place and not get to see it as much as you'd like to because life is too busy.

I still haven't gotten into the Arcade Fire's first album. I bought it, and never really connected.

haha... it's really not THAT disturbing. k-cop was a good movie.

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