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Spider-Man 3 and Arcade Fire

I'm getting pretty excited about the upcoming release of Spider-Man 3, and the media blitz is feeding that anticipation. YouTube has a murky pirate of the new trailer that's attached to the ridiculous new movie 300. Ain't It Cool News has a behind-the-scenes thing. Best of all, Yahoo now has the 7-minute preview of the beginning of the movie, which was shown during NBC's Heroes (great show) last week, available to stream/download in HD.

Arcade Fire released Neon Bible last week, their much awaited follow-up to their extraordinary debut album Funeral back in 2004 (and their EP from the year before). The new album is different enough, in the best sort of way, that when you first listen to it you may be taken off-guard by how it's different from their first album. But it has really grown on me with each listen, the same way that my favorite music has always done. I'm a rabid consumer of classical music, but I'm stingier with my time and money when it comes to rock. I think a lot of rock music today is derivative and lame. Arcade Fire is the first band to truly draw me in since Jason and my freshman year roommates turned me onto Radiohead. I highly recommend that you check them out.

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