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i'm old

seriously. i feel like i'm 80. i should be out of school already or something.

well the big news from my neck of the woods is that i got into a pharmacy school in the northeast, but i've still got interviews coming in. next week i'll be making trip down to schools in the state of penn, and within new york. since it'll be spring break for me, i'll also spend a couple days in nyc. the last time i went was way back in august. also scheduled a phone interview with another new england school. i'm pretty happy about how things are going now. if i pass all my classes and graduate... i'll be dr. j =]. on top of everything... my research has been showing good signs recently. let's hope it continues and i'll be able to graduate this summer.

oh... and since i know i'm in somewhere... i need to start trip planning for a trip to china.

hope you're all well.

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Wow. Getting the big Dr. before your name. Congrats.

And congrats on getting into pharm school. That's awesome. Did you know that when I was in high school I used to tell ppl that I wanted to be a pharmacist so that they would leave me alone with the "what do you want to do when you're an adult?" questions?

Anyhow congrats and happy belated bday and happy trip planning!


Congrats! Now you can go for the earlybird special somewhere else ;)

Congrats about pharmacy school!!! My sister in law's a pharmacist and when she was still at university, way back when, I had no clue how hard it *realy* is to be a pharmacist. Man was I stupid.

If you happen to make it to central China, you're always welcome to visit me!

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