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March 5, 2007

We're Back

Greetings handful of loyal readers,

We were experiencing technical difficulties over the past couple of weeks with a cgi script error that was preventing us from accessing MT. This is the reason for our conspicuous silence of late. But we're back now, and hopefully with a vengeance.

Among the events that occurred during this downtime, Jason turned 28, I moved to a new (old) apartment, and my dog died. And then there are some frivolities to mention as well, but we'll get to those eventually.

I'd been meaning to resume blogging since I finally got DSL set up at my new place, and that's when I encountered the script error. Anyway, our server has at last resolved the issue and we're up and running again.

Hope you're all well.

March 6, 2007

i'm old

seriously. i feel like i'm 80. i should be out of school already or something.

well the big news from my neck of the woods is that i got into a pharmacy school in the northeast, but i've still got interviews coming in. next week i'll be making trip down to schools in the state of penn, and within new york. since it'll be spring break for me, i'll also spend a couple days in nyc. the last time i went was way back in august. also scheduled a phone interview with another new england school. i'm pretty happy about how things are going now. if i pass all my classes and graduate... i'll be dr. j =]. on top of everything... my research has been showing good signs recently. let's hope it continues and i'll be able to graduate this summer.

oh... and since i know i'm in somewhere... i need to start trip planning for a trip to china.

hope you're all well.

March 7, 2007


here's your funny for today.

March 12, 2007

Spider-Man 3 and Arcade Fire

I'm getting pretty excited about the upcoming release of Spider-Man 3, and the media blitz is feeding that anticipation. YouTube has a murky pirate of the new trailer that's attached to the ridiculous new movie 300. Ain't It Cool News has a behind-the-scenes thing. Best of all, Yahoo now has the 7-minute preview of the beginning of the movie, which was shown during NBC's Heroes (great show) last week, available to stream/download in HD.

Arcade Fire released Neon Bible last week, their much awaited follow-up to their extraordinary debut album Funeral back in 2004 (and their EP from the year before). The new album is different enough, in the best sort of way, that when you first listen to it you may be taken off-guard by how it's different from their first album. But it has really grown on me with each listen, the same way that my favorite music has always done. I'm a rabid consumer of classical music, but I'm stingier with my time and money when it comes to rock. I think a lot of rock music today is derivative and lame. Arcade Fire is the first band to truly draw me in since Jason and my freshman year roommates turned me onto Radiohead. I highly recommend that you check them out.

March 17, 2007

the trip... the move...

so... still in the planning stages on my trip. i'm hesitant to commit just yet, since i'm waiting on some positive results from the lab... don't want to book a $1K+ trip for the summer i can't go on due to postponing my thesis defense. i'd like to ask you my faithful readers to pray to your God or gods, and/or just send out some positive energy towards buffalo while chanting that you'd like for my plasimd cut dna inserts to magically appear on my gels over the next few days, cause if this doesn't work out... i'll be set back another 2 weeks i think.

also... other things going on in life. i will definitely be leaving buffalo by fall. where i'll be going... i'm still not sure yet. i've gotten into 2 schools so far on opposite sides of the country. should hear back from 4 more in the next 2 weeks or so. i've got to plan this trip where it will allow me to come back and do some apartment hunting prior to the start of pharmacy school.

tc gave me the new arcade fire while i was down in the city this past week. i've been semi listening to it in the car. sounds pretty good so far.

here's something that makes me happy that buffalo is where it is. i still like the fact that many businesses and office parks fly both the u.s. and canadian flags around here.

Canadian anthem confusion and other stories By News Staff Reporters Updated: 03/17/07 8:38 AM

When 14,000 out-of-town fans, media and college staff come to Buffalo for the NCAA Tournament, interesting things can happen — starting with the national anthem.

College basketball fans are no strangers to the time-honored tradition of the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the game.

But the musical selections that kick off games in HSBC Arena are causing confusion.

While Western New Yorkers, especially hockey fans, are used to hearing “O, Canada,” followed by the national anthem, some in the out-of-town crowd have been clueless this week.

One couple, decked out in Old Dominion University sweat shirts, stood politely with their hands over their hearts as the Canadian anthem began before Thursday’s games. Then they weren’t sure what to do.

“Maybe this is the Buffalo song,” the man suggested to his companion as he lowered his hand back down to his side and looked around uncomfortably.

Another (hopefully) visiting fan, who recognized the tune, had a theory about why it was being played.

“It’s the Canada song,” he informed his buddies. “They have to play it because part of Buffalo is in Canada.”

March 25, 2007

there's just nothing...

i've really wanted to say lately. just been pre-occupied by school stuff... wondering if my thesis will ever come out. however... now that i'm in a program for next year... it seems there's no motivation left in me. i've been dreading the lab lately... each time i go in and spend a couple hours... i worry about the end result of having nothing to show for it after a week of prepping something.

i've been getting a lot of headaches recently too. maybe i'm dying... maybe it's a tumor. (eeets naaaht a toooomah). quick... what movie's that from?

also... wavering lately on whether or not i should go on my asia trip. the research thing has me really frustrated. thing is... i like my lab a lot... my advisor... and the project itself is interesting... but after you go through the motions oh so many times and have nothing to show for it...

i'm kind of looking forward to my last summer in buffalo for at least the next 4 years. my only wish is that i won't have to spend all of it either a) in the lab, or b) writing this thesis.

so i've been listening to arcade fire's newest album. i have to say... i'm not liking it as much as their first. however... the first one took me awhile to get into. i put that one away for a couple months before popping it into the cd player in my car and really digging it. there are some songs on the new one that i really like though. i think it starts off strong with 'black mirror' and ends strong too with 'my body is a cage'. some of the others i like in the middle include 'black wave/bad vibrations', 'ocean of noise', 'the well and the lighthouse', 'no cars go', with 'ocean of noise' probably my fav... the instrumentals sound like they could be used in a david lynch movie dream sequence.

til next time...

March 26, 2007


so... cause christielli got the reference... here's your funny for today.


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