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sweet gurken that's a lot of snow

9.5 feet deep in places on the eastern shores of lake ontario... that's almost 3 meters. can you imagine being all... i'm going for a walk and exiting your house from your 2nd story window? people living in ranch style houses must be totally screwed.

i kinda wish i could experience something like that... having a wall of snow surrounding you as you attempt to dig out your walkway and driveway. global warming's not for real? gimme a break.

abc video

ap video

for us east of lake erie folk... we're doing ok so far. buffalo and the northtowns haven't been hammered like the southtowns and southern tier. i think east aurora got 3 ft a couple days ago. plus... erie has dropped below freezing so the LES machine'll be shut down once enough ice has formed on the lake's surface.

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