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stuff and stuff

airline tix booked, reservations made, have 2 interviews coming up next week.

christielli recently blogged about global warming, and i had been saving this story for when i had more time to write about it... but... i think this is absolutely atrocious. 13% of americans have never heard of global warming! according to the survey, less than half of all americans think global warming is a serious issue. it comes up again and again, but despite all the "diversity", and all that cultural melting pot talk... america does come off as an ignorant self-serving country... and we wonder why other nations see us that way?

dudes... jerry falwell is crazy. he claims to know God's reasons for 9/11... except he is NOT God... so how could he know? he wants to return america to the 1930s and 40s... which is not an option. things change, the make up of the country is different, values are different, we have to evolve not go backwards. back then there were 2 superpowers. it's not the case anymore... it's not a world where democracy is pitted against communism... democracy has pretty much won out. even china the last big communist country has had market reforms within their economy... when you liberalize trade and leverage globalization... pretty soon you will have a world oriented population looking to increase their freedom and rights. sure it's not going to happen overnight, since it has to be organically grown, not like the whole iraq situation... but it's what america wanted more or less isn't it? so... jerry falwell wants to go back to a world with less freedom and 2 superpowers that dominated smaller countries by supplying corrupt governments with arms and money? you don't think that maybe 9/11, and the terrorist organizations saw the disparities back then and now and that those may be reasons why these things have happened? no... of course not... it's homosexuality and abortion that are the causes, cause that makes perfect sense! ugh. moron... and yet people listen to him.

some hockey stuff... the mayor of oshawa lost a bet to stephen colbert, and now march 20th in oshawa is known as stephen colbert day. i thought this story was great.

and... the penguins want to move to frickin houston? cause houston's such a hockey hotbed. maybe they'll draw more than the 2,000 people that show up to phoenix, panthers, hurricanes games.

madtv rocks... here's your funny.

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Oh my! I can't believe that 13% haven't even heard of it?? That's crazy... Well, perhaps they'll become innodated with a clever ad campaign like the one I spoke of, and they'll learn about it.

Stephen Colbert day in the 'schwa. LOL!

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