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January 3, 2007

a little late...

wanted to wish you all a happy new year... hopefully the other supposed bloggers of this blog will post sometime soon... it's been pretty quiet for the last couple months =].

here's some funny...

January 5, 2007

you guys

"whodat?" - AP Photo

January 8, 2007

found by t.c.

January 10, 2007


Well, I've been pretty bad about posting lately, but I'm very pleased to announce that another user has joined this blog collective, hopefully spurring all of us to be a little more creative, witty, and frequent about posting. That esteemed person is none other than the incomparable Güggenflürgen. Welcome aboard! Here's the tally of posts by user to date:

jason: 40
t.c.: 12
ljr: 5
Guggs: 0 . . . (but we can't hold that against him just yet)

Hogwarts Sorting Hat Quiz

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

January 11, 2007

Her Box in a Box

First, thanks to Jason and Tansal for the blogging invite.

Second, this is my first post on this blog. I hope it hasn't lowered the bar - that much. If it has, I make no apologies.


January 14, 2007


t.c. informed me about the bonus tracks available from sloan's US release (jan 9) of nhteoi. i've listened and i give props.

it seems "best part..." is a rocking power ballad with a good beat by patrick with the band's sloanminizing ooooh's and aaaaah's interspersed between the choruses.

"even though" is a rather simple but catchy ballad starts off with jay, and ends with patrick... woo hoo more jay and patrick!

seems that patrick is making up for his lack of songs on the original album release.

January 17, 2007

starting semester...

it's been pretty cold these last couple days. started out with the freezing rain and ice, the roads have all been cleared. almost everything that's outside that hasn't been salted has a layer of ice over it. it's quite a sight in the daytime with the sun out, the tree branches and bushes are all shimmering. when you walk by them... you can hear the cracking of the ice as the wind bends the branches.

been busy running around the last couple days... hopefully i can get a pic up soon.

January 18, 2007


i'm doing some work on my linux box... so my pic gallery's been down for a bit... but here are two pics i took this week, you can click on em to get the full big image with better resolution.

January 21, 2007

i miss the randomness that is new york sometimes...

a no pants flickr set.

here's an article in the ny daily news about no pants.

and... lastly... this pic cracks me up... with that little girl's reaction.

January 26, 2007

beer me

labatt usa is moving their headquarters back to buffalo. i love the fact that US canada border cities almost have 2 identities... one american, and the other canadian. we have some sabres fans from southern ontario... and we have some leafs fans in buffalo. it's like the cross-mojination that austin powers was referring to....... you know..... that thing.....

January 27, 2007

finding the cheese for ya...

there's a little fake blood in this... but it's hillarious. it's got everything you'd want in a cheesy martial arts action flick from the 80s. badly choreographed slow-mo action, the lamest injuries, a really stupid villan defeated ending, and awesome fight scene closing dialogue. you really have to watch to the end to appreciate it... plus there's a rather funny surprise that shows up midway through.

"yeah.......... see ya"

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