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strange weather pattern

so... this is a really weird weather pattern we've got in north america. from the west coast to parts of the midwest... there are some cold temps. we're doing pretty good out here on the east... it's been balmy for fall. it looks like we're beating out most of arizona up here in the buff, and the jet stream seems to be almost down to mexico.

the bills got to .500 today, and they shut out the fish. don't know how that happened. while i'm happy about that, to convince me that we've gotten better... i need to see us beat a decent team or two. it's been a long time since we pulled off winning against a dominant team like new england, indianapolis,or san diego.

i should be writing my paper that's due tomorrow... but it's hard to get motivated when it's the last thing you have to do before you're a free man for a couple weeks.

i'm only gonna be taking 9 credits next semester instead of 20. although it was a struggle to keep my head above water, i still have a pretty good feeling about my grades this semester. for next semester though, i wanted to take an easier classload so i could finish up my research and start writing that thesis.

ok... back to the paper... gonna be the last all-nighter for awhile =].

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Such beautiful weather this weekend!!! (Not very Christmas-y though, but I won't complian)

G'luck with the paper.

What? This thing just complained that too many comments have been received from me in a shortwhile. WTF? Is one too many????

Anyhow, all I said was beautiful weather, not very Christmas-y, but I won't complain.

G'luck on the paper!

Oh look it did publish both comments after all and now I look like an idiot. Great.

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