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i've been unmotivated... looking too far ahead to break

since novemeber, i have not wanted to do anything. i've been sitting around like a bump on a log. now i have to push myself to get through til next monday, andi'll be a free man (kinda... only from classes).

finals started last monday for me, and had 2 today. i have 2 tomorrow, one wed, a take home due fri, another take home due sat, and a paper due next mon.

i go to sleep these days wishing i won't wake up (just to avoid exams)... but i may not be sleeping again until wed afternoon.

wanted to wish everyone luck with their final school/work pushes until the holidays.

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Good luck on those exams. Hope you live near a Starbucks.


hehe, good luck lo~~ :)

All the best on your exams!

I'd love to guest post on this. I'll be your Canuck writer.

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