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financial windfall...

so i know some people, especially season ticket holders in buffalo who wait around the arena and sell their sabres-leafs tix to leafs fans from toronto before a toronto-buffalo game. why do they do this? well... the reason is that they can make a killing off leafs fans who can't otherwise have a chance to get tix into the ACC. now most people would be hesitant to promote filling our own hsbc arena with our hated rivals fans... but i think most sabres fans know that when the leafs come into town... they will most likely lose (toronto's only won 5 of the last 24 in buffalo)... so why not recoup some money from the season tix, or mini packs, or just make some money. i think there's an intensity to buffalo-toronto games, but there isn't a real nastiness to them... which i think is a cool thing since we're so close to each other, but can still enjoy a competitive yet friendly game with our guests. this is in contrast to the buffalo-philly games... which there is definitely a nastiness to them (which i think is also great, cause i frickin hate philly).

here's a blurb from today's news.

Leafs fans were back sharing command of the arena, taking of advantage of ticket scalpers and season-ticket holders who sold their ducats. The dueling chants of "Go, Leafs, Go" and "Let's Go Buffalo" started about six minutes before the opening faceoff.

Leafs coach Paul Maurice, in his first year with Toronto, has already taken a shine to the atmosphere when the teams meet here.

"Everybody in the building is excited," he said. "Is it fair to say it's like a college football game sometimes, where you've got half the stadium cheering for one and half for the other?"

Maurice compared the rivalry favorably to the one the Leafs have with Montreal, two longtime rivals who have some respect for each other. He said it's nothing like the bitter Toronto-Ottawa series.

"Ottawa is just different," Maurice said. "Everybody is just unhappy in that game. . . . But here, I don't know if festive is the right word, but it was like Montreal and Toronto to me."

oh yeah... and the sabres won last night 7-4 =].

eat lots of turkey!

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