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it's gonna be november next week!

how'd that happen?

i've been sloaning it up since i got the new album. i've got a few favs... and since autumn has really settled into almost a winter... here are the lyrics to one of my favs on the album. it's kind of simon and garfunkel'y... ish.

it's not the end of the world, sloan

it's not the end of the world
but into a ball you are curled
winter will pass
when it does

you can go cause this isn't what it was
say the snow made us do it just because

while we weghed the pros and the cons
the sun had unfrozen the ponds
winter had come to an end

i don't know if you will call me your friend
say it's so or i'm libel to pretend

now you've made your mark on the world
at times into a ball i have curled
so i had to move on
but i'll always be fond of you

winter was hard on us all

bundle up cause it already feels like fall
i'm all right but i don't mind when you call
we can talk of our brief time in the sun

the acoustic works well with chris' voice. if i had an ipod, i'd put it on my ipod on a playlist for a fall hike or walk through the woods.

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I enjoy Sloan very much.....how do you find the album...out of 10?

Sloaning it up. Hilarioius.

My def faves on the new album are:

1) Light Years (Jay song)
2) Hfxnshc

But they're all pretty good. There is even an Andrew song that I can tolerate.

Maybe i should just canadian it up and pick up the new sloan cd. hmmm...

guggs: you should totally go canadian and pick it up... especially if you like the older sloan sound post twice removed but pre pretty together.

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