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damage control

i went into my lab yesterday and took some pics of the damage. i was hoping to get some more pics of the villages of williamsville and snyder, however electrical crews were out canvassing the areas, and the trees laying on the street did not offer me a good place to park and walk around.


"and you're getting too old to be cared for... by me, and for that matter, this cake is baked but i much prefer the batter. perhaps in part because it had so much potential, to be delicious and still be influential. i'm undecided." - fading into obscurity, sloan

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So does this mean you got the new Sloan CD?

yes... and the album is fan-freakin-tastic!! love it. you were right one about it. plus andrew's songs aren't half bad, on it. in fact there are some that i think are quite good.

i really like the bass line on everybody wants you.

lots to write about... perhaps i'll post a more in depth review at a later date.


What the hell is up with all those trees?

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