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ugs... not to be confused with guggs

brind'amour is one of the ugliest people ever.

training camp is upon buffalo (hockey, not football)... first preseason game's against the leafs on monday. i'm excited... but i can't get my hopes too high up... buffalo teams have been known to disappoint... whether through self-(in)action or just plain bad ref'ing.

hmmm... so the dalai lama will be speaking to a sold out ub stadium on tuesday. however the forecast has rain for the day. i'm debating whether i should go or not... it's a once in a lifetime experience... but i really really really hate sitting out in rain and getting wet... and unfortunately for me, ub stadium is a 30,000 seat stadium that's outdoor in the natural elements.

this is kind of cool... a 26 year old mayor of a fairly large city in the US. maybe i should run for mayor of buffalo?

i know mac people are all... macs are better than pc's and all that... but do you think everything would have developed as fast if the proprietary mac system was just one of the many types of computers you could buy... and dos/windows was also proprietary to the 'pc' system? i definitely think technology would have evolved a lot slower than it has. the beauty of the pc is that it's more or less an open system... even the mac os can run on pc's now. tcp/ip which is what the internet runs on is an open standard. apache webserver which powers most websites is open... and open is good, because it allows better access!

enjoy your sundays.

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Loooove that hockey is starting up again. Honestly, it's giving me naughty dreams, lol.

And I must admit I do like makes for their audio/video editing capabilities. They're new commercials are really funny too :)

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