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September 11, 2006

i remember

i kick myself a lot for not bringing my camera with me everywhere... and/or forgetting to snap a picture of things sometimes.

on this one visit pre 9/11, my friend bern came to nyc for a visit. i took him to the wtc towers, and i remember it was quite a nice day out. there used to be a plaza between the towers that was public space... i think it was also where the wtc globe sat (which is not located @ battery park as a kind of memorial). there were some white stone benches of some sort. i remember bern and i just kind of laid down on the benches and looked up at the towers and the blue sky, kind of mesmerized at the height of the two structures. i've thought about that day during 9/11/2001 while i was sitting in uptown manhattan watching the attacks unfold, and each september 11th since 2001... wishing i had snapped a picture on that day before the new york city skyline changed so drastically.

though i'm not sure mary ann sullivan took the pics exactly where we were that day... this is what i remember it looking like.

1am update: i read over my post... and was disappointed in the amount of typos. you'll have to forgive me, i left my place @ 9:30am this morning, and did not return until 9pm... i'm kind of tired, so typing and thinking aren't my strong points right now. gonna wrap up some more reading for a lab... and hit the hay. another long day tomorrow... er... today.


These anniversaries of 9/11/2001 make me angry. It's not simply that I despise the terrorists that scarred my hometown and murdered my neighbors. It's not simply that I recall what it was like on that fateful day, or the moody weeks that followed. What infuriates me is the way that Bush exploits the tragedy every chance he gets. I remember the goodwill that was directed at my city and its inhabitants, and by extension the United States. And so, here we are five years later, with no development at all on ground zero. The Iraq war only gets worse with each passing month, despite strenuous propaganda efforts to the contrary by the powerful and perpetually power-hungry Bush/Cheney administration and its neoconservative echo-machine lapdogs. Precious few of the 9/11 commission's recommendations having been implemented. Meanwhile, our civil liberties have been stripped so gradually and casually that one has to make a concerted effort to realize just how far we've fallen from the freedoms whose protection our elected leaders purport to be of such paramount importance to them. I haven't even scratched the surface.

Tomorrow is the primary election in New York State, and in less than two months we'll have a general election that will likely result in a Congress of rather different balance and constitution. Or one can only hope. Our republic has developed far too monolithic a government to be good for our democracy. With more than two years left of this presidency, we're in dire need of a legitimate opposition in the legislative branch. I fear that the Democrats have strayed so far from their core principles, and are so wishy-washy in their attempts to reclaim them, that they may not find their way back in time. And yet the GOP, far from having strayed, has been stretched so far from its basis as to be unrecognizable and perhaps even unsalvagable for what it once was and stood for. So I hold out some hope, however marginal, that the Democratic Party may just recover its soul, and help edge us back toward an America to be revered.

Let's take a brief look at what kind of war the Bush gang have unleashed upon us. This reminds me of a couple of strips from This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow: why we're going to war and a patriot's guide to debating the war on terror. But I'd like to draw your attention, if you have the time, to a speech that MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann closed his program with tonight, moments before Bush took the airwaves for his presidential address. I'd be interested in your comments.

The pain of 9/11/2001 hits me at odd times, in a way that is utterly oblivious of political agendas, media cycles, and time periods that have been predetermined to have some numerological significance. I probably felt it most strongly, since the event itself, in Summer 2004. At that time, I found myself working downtown in an area that was familiar to me during my college years, when the Twin Towers served to anchor my sense of direction. Now that I was back, I felt this dark shroud of sorrow hanging over me in the empty sky, the overbearing sun of the New York City summer serving as a searing reminder of how unexpected, raw, and awful that morning was. Springsteen and Mahler streamed into my ears, and my mind was occupied by thoughts of how lucky I was. The people I love were spared physical trauma, but none of us could help but be affected in other ways.

We endure varying degrees of psychological trauma to this day, and overcome it to the extent that we can in our day-to-day lives, but we will always carry it with us as long as we live. It's important to point out that we New Yorkers, and the honorary New Yorkers who lived through this wretched catastrophe with us, have a strong sense of perspective on the threats that we clearly face from terrorism. Our heads are screwed on straight and we approach the situation with a calm, clear mind, for the most part. Our police department is doing remarkable things, not least of all with intelligence gathering, picking up where the federal government is too incompetent to contribute to its obligation. And yet in my travels through these United States, from cities to midwestern farm towns, I've noticed that the more remote the threat, the more palpable the fear of terrorism. And why is this? Because we have leaders who stand to gain too much from stoking this fear than to actually lead us from the fear and toward the positive spirit of America that has served as a beacon of hope to waves of immigrants for as long as our country has existed. However, as we are not going to get this from the current administration, we best summon that hope within each of us, and do our best to spread it, one person at a time, until there's enough momentum to swing the pendulum back toward the light.

September 14, 2006

by the way...

my default album in the altima lately has been rhcp's by the way. it's a pretty lengthy album, and it's quite diverse in its songs, and moods. it's just been playing over and over, but i haven't gotten sick of it yet... mainly because of the aforementioned characteristics. i love that they chose venice queen to end the album... it is an absolutely great song. my usual trip to south campus takes me anywhere from 20 minutes on a good day, to 45 minutes if i'm going during rush hour, and hit all the lights. during the drive, some albums (many weezer albums) will have hit the end and start repeating. however, with by the way, that doesn't happen. so i spend a couple hours on south going to classes, the library, and lab, etc... and when i get back to my car... it'll take me til the end of my drive home to maybe start repeating.

hmmm... so not much has been happening on this end. so i guess i'll give a personal update. still in school. still with the 20 credits. i have to present at a departmental seminar about my research in a little over a week, and i have NO real results yet for my research... it's kind of been frustrating for me. some how i have to cram in studying for the pcat that i'm taking in october. i got a job @ the office of medical computing in the school of medicine & biomedical sciences. i'm working friday nights. i really wanted to work a couple hours a week... just to have some spending money. the lab's pretty dead on friday night, so i'll mostly be getting paid to do my homework and study... which is nice. i suppose i could say now i won't have friday nights free.. but i don't think i would've had them free anyways. the lab is on the floor above my research lab, so it will be convenient for me to run procedures like gel electrophoresis and leave them alone, but still be able to check on them on a break or something. i KNEW i couldn't stand NOT working =]. hmmmm... there's a lot of reading that has to be done this semester. my eyes hurt. i have to write some term papers, and some application essays (the number of schools i'm applying for is seriously overwhelming me right now). it will seriously be a miracle if i can get to halloween.

anyways. that's about it for me right now. i'm gonna do some reading, and head back to the lab in a couple hours...

hope you're all doing well.

the sabres new...... ew.

i had to post this... cause i'm mad that even with the majority of people saying they hate the logo, they decided to roll it out anyways, even after ample time to get feedback.

new logo on our coach lindy ruff's cap, and center ice face off circle.

new logo by itself with workmark.

i really hope no one buys into the merchandise, so they change the buffalo donald's, hairpiece looking logo.

September 17, 2006

ugs... not to be confused with guggs

brind'amour is one of the ugliest people ever.

training camp is upon buffalo (hockey, not football)... first preseason game's against the leafs on monday. i'm excited... but i can't get my hopes too high up... buffalo teams have been known to disappoint... whether through self-(in)action or just plain bad ref'ing.

hmmm... so the dalai lama will be speaking to a sold out ub stadium on tuesday. however the forecast has rain for the day. i'm debating whether i should go or not... it's a once in a lifetime experience... but i really really really hate sitting out in rain and getting wet... and unfortunately for me, ub stadium is a 30,000 seat stadium that's outdoor in the natural elements.

this is kind of cool... a 26 year old mayor of a fairly large city in the US. maybe i should run for mayor of buffalo?

i know mac people are all... macs are better than pc's and all that... but do you think everything would have developed as fast if the proprietary mac system was just one of the many types of computers you could buy... and dos/windows was also proprietary to the 'pc' system? i definitely think technology would have evolved a lot slower than it has. the beauty of the pc is that it's more or less an open system... even the mac os can run on pc's now. tcp/ip which is what the internet runs on is an open standard. apache webserver which powers most websites is open... and open is good, because it allows better access!

enjoy your sundays.

September 19, 2006

seriously you guys.

ok... so what... i've posted 8 billion times to t.c.'s 1 (ok maybe not 8 billion... but still...)

get off jour lazy ass and start writing something.

so today it was supposed to rain, and i was expecting to make a game time decision about going to the dalai lama speech. i woke up, and it was beautiful outside! so the weather wasn't even an issue. there were a lot of people... i've never seen so many people on campus at once. i can kind of get a picture of how nice it would be if the school's football team was actually competitive... how great that would be on a saturday afternoon. hey... we already got our first win under the new regime... one can hope we keep improving... even if we get totally annhialated by auburn this weekend.

so the speech overall was a good experience. it was unfortunate it was a bit windy today... so the sound kind of faded in and out and bounced off the walls etc, all weird. some of it was incomprehensible... but i got to the general idea. what the dalai lama said was applicable across a whole spectrum of people, cultures, and religions. we are all human beings, and we should look at each other from that angle. we all have the same hopes, dreams, fears, doubts, and we all seek happiness... whatever that may mean for each individual. we should have compassion towards each other except for gwb (i added that last one... i'm joking... ok not really... ok... really... i'm joking =p). the dalai lama's compassion toward others really did come out throughout his speech... i definitely enjoyed that.

hmmm... oh yeah... before he spoke... the state university of new york's chancellor... and president of UB gave the dalai lama an honorary doctorate, to which the dalai lama replied... i'm so lucky to have spoken at all these schools and received so many degrees without any formal education!

and here are some pics.

that is all i've got.

September 24, 2006

Eye Test

I went for a checkup with my ophthalmologist a couple of days ago, and they put drops in my eyes to dilate my pupils. I think they were the most dilated they've ever been. When I left after the exam, it was sunny outside and my eyes actually hurt from the brightness. When I made it back to my office, I couldn't see anything on my computer screen, which was too bright and flickering. One of my coworkers took a picture of my right eye with my mobile phone's built-in camera. It's close up so the focus isn't too great.

i need a vacation

i'm drowning over here with things to do =[.

in case you want to see any dalai lama video coverage of any of the events that went on @ ub... click here. you can watch his whole talk, and the interfaith service that was held.

ok... i've got a powerpoint presentation for a departmental seminar to finalize for tomorrow.

i am hoping hoping hoping... that i'll have time this weekend to head over to the sunrise records in niagara falls to pick up the new 30 track sloan album.

hope your mondays are better than mine.

September 26, 2006

chops bustin

so... i finished my department seminar presentation (of my research so far) yesterday that i had been stressed out about all weekend. it went ok. i'm just glad it's done with. it's intimidating to stand up and talk for an hour in front of the different faculty in the department, and peers... especially if you yourself aren't sure what you're doing half the time. after that... i had (2) 2.5 hour lectures and ended my day @ 8:30pm. it was a long day since i started @ 10am.

today i got up late and headed out for one of my lab classes which went over. then i had a teach an undergrad lab class. i'm just exhausted now. i would like to say though. i kind of like teaching. i don't know if i like it enough to actually become a teacher or professor... but it is kind of fun... especially in a small lab environment.

ummm... oh yeah. so i've just been going through the sloan site and watching all those youtube vids they put up of the making of their new record... since i don't have their new album yet... i've been kind of using this to carry me over until i hopefully get a chance to cross over the border. i know maple music is selling it, and i would order from them perhaps if it was a live album or something or something specially produced and only available from them (i have done so in the past)... but the shipping is a little pricey to the states, and i hate waiting for things after i buy them. when i buy something like music... i want it in my hands! i think it's still worth it for me to drive up and pick it up... who knows what else i'll find over @ sunrise (i prefer hmv, but there ain't an easily accessible one in the falls or in ft. erie)... and i'll get to pop the discs into the cd player in my car and have a listen when i'm driving back!

i like the vids where chris is busting on patrick.

some of the clips have longer clips of an actual song in em... and this one has one of the longer song clips... it sounds GREAT!

in regards to r2... i think tc will have a star wars-ish related post coming up... stay tuned.

hope you don't get humped (in the bad way) on your hump day.

September 27, 2006

Google Video links

Hi everybody. So the funny thing that Jason's talking about is this. (Though not as funny, you can also look at this. One of the actors in this scene is actually providing his own voice - can you guess which one?) Finally, to cap off this theme of links, check this out.

Now onto politics. Jason showed me this video clip of Bill Clinton telling it like it is to Chris Wallace on FoxNews. (Here is part 2 of the same interview.) And a reaction to it by Keith Olbermann, who is becoming one of my favorite news anchors for his Murrow-like approach to television journalism.

I know that's a lot of video to check out, but the first couple are short and funny, and the Clinton one is pretty important. The difference in body language--hell, just in language--is so stark between our current president and our last great president. If we had the opportunity, as voters, to write in a candidate for president in the next election, there's a good chance Bill would win... even if that choice wouldn't be ratified for constitutional reasons.

Ladies and gentlemen...

Allow me to introduce myself...sort of. I'll be going by the handle ljr and t.c. and Jason have been kind (or foolish as time will tell) enough to let me join their blog team.

I am currently a full-time student at the University at Buffalo and I also work part-time as a Technical Writer for the Computing & Information Technology Department. My vast and useless knowledge base extends from automobiles, classic video games (think 8-bit Nintendo), Macintosh computers, politics (the one area that I actually have a slip of paper that says I know something), and the business of healthcare. How does one acquire such a unique understanding of these subjects? Simple. Be mediocre at a lot of different things instead of being great at just one ;-)

I promise to refrain from using too much computer nerd speak, so slap me around if I inadvertently use phrases like "pwned" or "FTW". If you don't know what those mean we'll get along just fine. Otherwise we might start a flame war.

I look forward to contributing to this blog, and hopefully this blog continues to grow and expand in new directions.


September 30, 2006

efforts have paid off

this was forwarded to me by a friend.

the efforts of sabres fans to change the logo have paid off. the hairy slug has been killed, and there's an actual sabre in the logo now!

hope you all enjoy your weekends.

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