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woo! weekend.

got back into the lab this week with a vengeance. the change in my grant was approved 2 weeks ago, and my materials finally arrived early this week. been wrapping up stuff @ work, handing things i won't or might not be able to finish off to people. my last day at the company is next friday... then i'll be off to nyc one last time this summer. school starts the following monday. it'd be kinda nice for summer to be extended. i know come october i'll be buried in work, and i'll want to go hide in a corner somewhere.

so... next week seems to be a big week.. doing a mini prep on tue to send in dna for sequencing, sloan on thur, last day @ job on friday... and a meeting of sorts which still needs to be scheduled that could lighten my course load for fall. so with the whole sloan thing... thought i'd repost info from the always musically hip christielli. you can listen to sloan's new single from their upcoming release here.

sloan will also be part of the kickoff for buffalo old home week. it's kind of an exciting concept. here's a short dealie on the organizer of the event Marti Gorman. i hope this turns out to be big, and that it grows every year. it's strange how you can go pretty much anywhere and find some person who used to live in buffalo. they all get together in the bills bars in their respective cities to watch bills games during football season (and i guess last year during the sabres run, sabres games were big too). it's like an instant connection, and when you get to talking to them... many of them wouldn't mind moving back if only there were more jobs available in this region. i've posted before... but there really is a lot of movement downtown. things are starting to happen which have not happened in years... maybe even decades. large real estate transactions are going down. buildings are being revitalized, and an urban core is gradually being recreated again. the statler towers deal just changed hands this week. the old a&ma's building downtown is finally being converted. if i only had some capital... i'd like to buy up an old victorian downtown and fix it up. it's amazing what you can get on the cheap right now, once neighborhoods start coming back up... the deals won't be as good.

racism and bigotry really disappoint me. i can't even start to say how much it upsets me when things like this happen... not just to asians... but everyone. i would like to point out that defendants were driving a TOYOTA. wtf? "get out of our country but leave your superior cars!"

here's another brilliant video example provided by one of our elected officials from the wasp-y conservative bastion of virginia. the story as reported by the washington post is here. the moveon petition is here to ask the republican national committee to stop funding this douche bag is here.

so... how do we deal with this issue of race in this country? we'll reproduce! like russell peters had said... in the future... everyone will be brown... cause there's just gonna be mixing going on.

i don't care what anyone says... i'm never gonna stop going to nathan's @ coney island for a hot dog. we're all gonna die anyways... and if having a tasty hot dog will do me in sooner... i'd rather enjoy that frickin hot dog and die sooner.

this is for my peeps with a link to the UK, specifically wales.

that's all i got. happy weekend!

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Lucky you getting to see Sloan. I haven't seen them since last summer. Boo.

Haha. That article about those crazy Welsh signs made me laugh.


Dude, Sloan is awesome in concert. I saw them when I was 16..but from what I remember...two thumbs up! :)

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