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GNU is Not Unix (a.k.a. the neverending cycle...)

yup... it's that time again when yours truly starts doing due diligence on schools to apply to. i'm getting too old for this, i feel like I just sent out the last batch yesterday! this cycle is gonna cost me plenty of money. to hopefully increase my chances of getting into a pharmD program i'll be sending apps to a couple dozen schools. i can hit them up hard and fast this time and get reviewed hopefully right away since all my prereq classes have been finished for awhile now. backup plan is to send 8-10 apps to phd programs in pharmaceutical sciences. one thing that i have to do that i'm not too thrilled about is take the pcat again (some schools have a 2 year from the entrance date requirement on scores), and so i figure i might as well take my gre's over too... since although the scores were ok, i wasn't too thrilled with them last time around. i'm pretty certain i can get into a pharm sci program... but better gre scores might help me get into the 2-3 reach programs for me.

so i got an email from a friend who told me he was also just baptized a week ago. he said it was a great experience, and so i'm getting more excited about the whole thing coming up this sunday.

here's an article about the most expensive cities in the world. i think though using net income after taxes for comparison probably isn't as good of an indicator as a cost of living index. US citizens may have lower taxes in general, but we still need to pay our health insurance premiums which ger more ridiculous every year, put money away into retirement accounts (which many of us are not good at doing), etc. i tend to go back and forth between private control of certain services and a more social welfare network. i think a mix of systems is the best. give control of things to people who like control, and provide services to people who may not reach threshold levels. however, i do think it's important that everyone have some form of basic services.

that's all i got for now. have good thursdays.

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