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August 3, 2006

testing... testing... 1, 2, 3...

welcome friends! new home... more changes. see you soon!

August 5, 2006

still setting up zee server

it was a royal pain getting movable type up... but like everything computer related... you want to shoot yourself for not seeing the error (ie, it's usually one line in the configuration file, or one semi-colon in a program). so... if anyone wants to setup MT on their own host (if you run your own i suggest creating a vitual host in apache), make sure you setup ExecCGI+ for your MT directory in your httpd.conf. for you windows server users... i don't use IIS so i can't help you there, but it'd probably be similar.

i think i might need to take some more steps to get just the general traffic running the way i want. unfortunately my dsl connection only has 128kbps upstream... so any ftp user downloads will use up that bandwidth, and if anyone's accessing this blog, that bandwidth will also come from that 128kbps upstream number. i'd kind of rather had an equal upstream/downstream rate, or dynamic adjustments which shift on usage (cause i have 768kbps downstream)... but no one offers that to personal users even with cable modems. so... i've decided to cap the bandwidth of my ftp server so that this site doesn't load like it's stuck in the prodigy (yeah remember them?) days speed-wise. it'd be nice if i had the money to buy a nice router with qos traffic shaping... but that's not happening. someone's already tried to hack into the system... i looked @ the log (or should it be blog?) files and they were tried a dictionary attack... nothing was compromised though, and so i decided to lock the system down a bit tighter. i'm pretty psyched about this new project though... as it will help me keep some of the stuff i've picked up in the past. over the last 3 years i've felt myself slipping a bit tech-wise, and it'd be a shame to lose everything. gotta keep an edge just in case... who knows when it'll come in handy in the future?

so... once i stablize the server (it might take some time as i figure out a good balance... may have to unload some services to another system)... i'll be making some design adjustments to this blog too. i've got the default install to my photo album application up. nothing's in there yet, but you can get there from here. so don't get too comfortable with this just yet... there may be some more surprises around "the corner".

other things that are going on... i'm getting baptized next sunday, and you're welcome to come if you would like. it's @ the 11am service in the chapel ( hmmm... oh... i'm making one last weekend trip to nyc before school starts (literally... i start school on the following day after i return aug 28th). i'd also like to add, that i love jetblue. i gave my notice to work that i won't be coming back after august. i've got too much to do this fall semester, and the job that i would take would be a TA or GA position on-campus. it's a bit sad... i just passed my 1 year anniversary recently. it's been fun, and it's nice having some extra cash, but i really need to get this research off the ground so i can start and finish my thesis. lots of other things i've been storing up to talk about in the news... but i think it's a little too late to break out now. i'm tired, and tomorrow's the low show.

hope everyone has great weekends. let me know if you run into any problems with the site, mail me or im/msn me i'll be configuring a mail server too when i get a chance... so or similar may appear in the near future. thanks for bearing with me (us).

testes, testes, 1, 2... 3?

dude, seriously, we don't need to know about your honoré de balzac.

August 6, 2006


I was pokin' around the movable type site and came across this thing. Specifically, check out this, that, these, and those other things from some other place.

And here are two not-cute blogs: funny and interesting.

August 7, 2006

Manatee in Chelsea

So for some reason, there's a manatee just hangin' out on the Hudson river. No word yet on whether this has stalled production of the new season of Family Guy.


so this is good. got t.c. to start posting again. hopefully this will blog will be updated more regularly if there are 2 people pushing the buttons.

i've turned commenting on for everyone as of now... in the future i'll probably ask that you register to comment when i start getting spam on the blog.

the days are winding down. school is around the corner... and i'm kinda not looking forward to it.

got some pics up in the gallery... more to come.

i'm still trying to figure out how to balance load and bandwidth on the server... so pages might load slow sometimes. please bear with us.

August 9, 2006

GNU is Not Unix (a.k.a. the neverending cycle...)

yup... it's that time again when yours truly starts doing due diligence on schools to apply to. i'm getting too old for this, i feel like I just sent out the last batch yesterday! this cycle is gonna cost me plenty of money. to hopefully increase my chances of getting into a pharmD program i'll be sending apps to a couple dozen schools. i can hit them up hard and fast this time and get reviewed hopefully right away since all my prereq classes have been finished for awhile now. backup plan is to send 8-10 apps to phd programs in pharmaceutical sciences. one thing that i have to do that i'm not too thrilled about is take the pcat again (some schools have a 2 year from the entrance date requirement on scores), and so i figure i might as well take my gre's over too... since although the scores were ok, i wasn't too thrilled with them last time around. i'm pretty certain i can get into a pharm sci program... but better gre scores might help me get into the 2-3 reach programs for me.

so i got an email from a friend who told me he was also just baptized a week ago. he said it was a great experience, and so i'm getting more excited about the whole thing coming up this sunday.

here's an article about the most expensive cities in the world. i think though using net income after taxes for comparison probably isn't as good of an indicator as a cost of living index. US citizens may have lower taxes in general, but we still need to pay our health insurance premiums which ger more ridiculous every year, put money away into retirement accounts (which many of us are not good at doing), etc. i tend to go back and forth between private control of certain services and a more social welfare network. i think a mix of systems is the best. give control of things to people who like control, and provide services to people who may not reach threshold levels. however, i do think it's important that everyone have some form of basic services.

that's all i got for now. have good thursdays.

August 10, 2006

team america

it took me awhile to finally catch team america: world police. i don't know why it took me so long, but i think i ended up watching it for the first time earlier this year when i was in new york for something or other. the more stuff that happens in the world, the better the movie gets. beside being politically relevant, there's just some great funny moments in the movie. one of which has to be the what happens after the bar scene. there are some classic songs too. of course i can't forget this guy.

america's obesity epidemic. it's one thing to have some "meat" on the bones... it's another when you can't fit into an x-ray scanner.

american's aren't just getting more obese, they're also becoming disconnected from each other... as technology helps us connect more... but not really. no offense blog buds, but there's something about doing things with real people i can't get from looking at a screen and typing.

to go along with the digital connects... remember friendster? for that matter... remember six degrees? i had an account on that thing... but i think i only logged into it something like 5 times total sometime freshman year in college.

here's a kind of bizarro/coolio link. upload a picture of your facial profile, and it will scan it and show you which celebrity you look like.

calgary's getting big. are the city's boundaries the same, or has it kind of grown like metro toronto?

it'd be kind of cool to fly from buffalo to amsterdam, and pick up a brownie... if we get a new airline serving the airport.

this has got to be a joke. what kind of platform is he gonna run on? i was the govenor of new york, and i led it nowhere. actually... i made it worse... note ALL of upstate. taxes are still high, businesses and people are leaving, and the unions are unbreakable. which is why you should vote for me to be your next president.

here's a review from the low show i went to last weekend. they played some great b-sides. westminster taxi squad, crying like a postcard, along with some old favs like rosy and grey. also if you're looking for new music, i suggest you check out pilot speed/pilate, who was one of the openers. i dug their sound.

i might dig for artifacts this weekend. kind of cool that they let you keep one thing that you find... and maybe i can find someone who wants to see the ballad of ricky bobby too.

lastly... remember when you used to go to shows and sometimes you might be in the pit or at the edge and think... dude... you're taking this way too seriously. for anyone that hasn't seen this picture. the only thing funnier than the scary mosh girl... is the guy's face behind her.

enjoy the weekend.

August 12, 2006

stephen colbert, g.w. bush & 2006 white house correspondents dinner

why is stephen colbert so funny? it's impressive that he can call out the president when he's sitting right next to you. the video of his speech is broken into 3 parts on youtube.

part 1

part 2

part 3

August 16, 2006


I don't remember Colbert calling him out when the president was sitting right next to me. Or do you mean him. Or you. Who?

(OK, I'm just breakin' yer balls 'cause your pronoun didn't agree with your antecedent, or something.)

This guy has a lot of Macs.

Remember that old Nintendo "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" game called Zero Wing? Well, check out that animated gif of the storyline. And then look at the reanimated flash music video set to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody."

For you heavy bloggers, here's a way to waste some time and add stuff to your blogs.

Here's a scary thing about how no lock is safe. Including bike locks.

Awesome: a floating bed based on the monolith from 2001. The design is cool to look at, but I'd really much rather sleep on a regular bed.

Lame: that guy that used to be "with" that girl.

This is a scary-funny music video about George Washington that people have been passing around to me, so I thought I'd share it. It's funny in that over-the-top and occasionally creepy way.

August 18, 2006

woo! weekend.

got back into the lab this week with a vengeance. the change in my grant was approved 2 weeks ago, and my materials finally arrived early this week. been wrapping up stuff @ work, handing things i won't or might not be able to finish off to people. my last day at the company is next friday... then i'll be off to nyc one last time this summer. school starts the following monday. it'd be kinda nice for summer to be extended. i know come october i'll be buried in work, and i'll want to go hide in a corner somewhere.

so... next week seems to be a big week.. doing a mini prep on tue to send in dna for sequencing, sloan on thur, last day @ job on friday... and a meeting of sorts which still needs to be scheduled that could lighten my course load for fall. so with the whole sloan thing... thought i'd repost info from the always musically hip christielli. you can listen to sloan's new single from their upcoming release here.

sloan will also be part of the kickoff for buffalo old home week. it's kind of an exciting concept. here's a short dealie on the organizer of the event Marti Gorman. i hope this turns out to be big, and that it grows every year. it's strange how you can go pretty much anywhere and find some person who used to live in buffalo. they all get together in the bills bars in their respective cities to watch bills games during football season (and i guess last year during the sabres run, sabres games were big too). it's like an instant connection, and when you get to talking to them... many of them wouldn't mind moving back if only there were more jobs available in this region. i've posted before... but there really is a lot of movement downtown. things are starting to happen which have not happened in years... maybe even decades. large real estate transactions are going down. buildings are being revitalized, and an urban core is gradually being recreated again. the statler towers deal just changed hands this week. the old a&ma's building downtown is finally being converted. if i only had some capital... i'd like to buy up an old victorian downtown and fix it up. it's amazing what you can get on the cheap right now, once neighborhoods start coming back up... the deals won't be as good.

racism and bigotry really disappoint me. i can't even start to say how much it upsets me when things like this happen... not just to asians... but everyone. i would like to point out that defendants were driving a TOYOTA. wtf? "get out of our country but leave your superior cars!"

here's another brilliant video example provided by one of our elected officials from the wasp-y conservative bastion of virginia. the story as reported by the washington post is here. the moveon petition is here to ask the republican national committee to stop funding this douche bag is here.

so... how do we deal with this issue of race in this country? we'll reproduce! like russell peters had said... in the future... everyone will be brown... cause there's just gonna be mixing going on.

i don't care what anyone says... i'm never gonna stop going to nathan's @ coney island for a hot dog. we're all gonna die anyways... and if having a tasty hot dog will do me in sooner... i'd rather enjoy that frickin hot dog and die sooner.

this is for my peeps with a link to the UK, specifically wales.

that's all i got. happy weekend!

August 30, 2006

What You Don't Know May Kill You

Apparently, if you don't apply sunscreen liberally and often, it can actually increase skin damage from the sun. On the bright side, it only took 13 years, but the FDA has finally approved a safer and much more effective sunscreen that has been available in Canada and Europe since 1993. This is what I've been using, having purchased some during my travels abroad.

In other news, another one of my favorite shows has been cancelled: Deadwood. On the bright side, HBO and creator David Milch have agreed to make two two-hour movies to wrap up the story that would have been told in a fourth and final season. (The show was always planned as four seasons, which explains the anticlimactic end to the third season finale last Sunday.)

I'll leave you with a scene from a classic episode of the Simpsons, which follows the same trend of bad news / good news as the two items above:

Chinese Shopkeeper: I must warn you the doll is cursed.
Homer Simpson: That's bad.
Chinese Shopkeeper: But it comes with a free frogurt!
Homer Simpson: That's good.
Chinese Shopkeeper: The frogurt is also cursed.
Homer Simpson: That's bad!
Chinese Shopkeeper: But it comes with a free choice of toppings!
Homer Simpson: That's good!
Chinese Shopkeeper: The toppings contain sodium benzoate.
[Homer looks puzzled.]
Chinese Shopkeeper: That's bad.
Homer Simpson: Can I go now?


wow. 2 posts from the 2 maintainers in the last 24. what is going on?

so i've neglected posting for a bit. a bunch has happened over the last week and a half or so that i've been gone. last day at work was rather sad. got interviewed for a GA position. ended up pulling my application for said GA position... which i'm pretty sure i got... cause was asked for my references, and after withdrawing myself from contention, the position was right back up on the school job site. as much as i would've liked to have done it... as it really was something i was totally in to... after having some time to think about it... i just couldn't have gone through a semester with the course load that i have (20 credits), commute between the 2 campuses, and work 20 hours. i would've loved to have gotten free tuition, health insurance, and a stipend, while building university websites though. i've been waking up the last couple days kicking myself for turning it down... but deep down somewhere... i know it was the right choice. i HAVE to finish my research. i HAVE to apply to schools for next year, take the pcat, and do well this semester to give myself a good chance to get into the programs i want to get into.

i went to new york this past weekend as well. walked over the brooklyn bridge, at at grimaldi's, walked over the manhattan bridge. i guess did a lot of walking in general. went to the corner bistro, had dinner with tansal, tc's mom, my mom, my brother, and some friends from taiwan.

also... hoping that something might be on the up and up with someone here in the buff (born & bred right here in wny)... but i'll keep my reservations until things really get rolling (if they get rolling at all). we'll see what happens. i tend to be pessimistic because i'm usually off in the timing of most things. it's probably been the one thing in my life which has plagued me. like this whole GA thing would've been perfect if... it wasn't this exact semester. likewise, this person was in a relationship within the last year... and she may not be ready for another just yet. who knows... we'll see.

other than that... school's in session. back to the grind, and i've been feeling kinda down since the whole thing started.

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life -"How To Save a Life", The Fray

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